< Safety Inspection Application Case of Tangshan Thermal Power Company
Safety Inspection Application Case of Tangshan Thermal Power Company

Safety Inspection Application Case of Tangshan Thermal Power Company

Heating work is closely related to people's life. Heating enterprises should attach great importance to the thought of central heating in urban areas as the biggest livelihood problem at present, strengthen communication, make every effort to ensure the normal operation of heating equipment and pipe network, and carefully arrange all aspects of work involving heating, especially do a good job in daily safety inspection and maintenance, and strengthen the inspection and repair of pipes and equipment, Prepare well for various unexpected situations to ensure the safe operation of winter heating.

Safety Management of Tangshan Thermal Power Company

Since the beginning of winter this year, Tangshan Thermal Power Company has actively taken various measures to further implement safety responsibilities, strengthen safety guarantees, completely eliminate hidden dangers, and ensure the safe operation of heating boilers in winter. In order to ensure the safe operation of gas boilers, avoid safety accidents, take emergency measures, and increase the inspection of heat exchange stations and pipeline networks in the jurisdiction, Tangshan Thermal Power Corporation has introduced the Huiyou An real-time online inspection system. Through this system, patrol personnel are strengthened to inspect and repair thermal and electrical equipment and pipeline networks, and real-time and effective supervision and management are carried out on patrol personnel.

By inspecting and diagnosing equipment, identify potential hazards and defect areas as early as possible, judge and eliminate defects, determine the scope and content of fault repair, and develop accurate and reasonable spare parts supply plans and equipment maintenance plans to achieve "prevention in the bud", ensure high stability of equipment performance, and eliminate potential hazards that endanger production and personnel safety.

The problems solved by intelligent patrol applications

Ensure the timeliness and accuracy of equipment inspection to avoid missing the inspection location, and make the duty work more organized and standardized.

◆ A comprehensive inspection plan and scientific management have eliminated the phenomenon of inability to scientifically and accurately assess and manage inspection personnel, effectively supervising their daily inspection work, and implementing the management of inspection personnel effectively.

◆ Real time upload of inspection records to the system management platform, focusing on identifying potential safety accidents and hidden dangers, and promptly handling them.

Product Introduction

Project Introduction

Tangshan Thermal Power Company was established in 1978 and is currently a public utility unit that implements enterprise management. It is a national large-scale first tier enterprise with 2500 employees and a centralized heating area of 51.55 million square meters on the grid. The headquarters has 24 government departments, mainly focusing on heating, supplemented by diversified operations such as heating engineering design and construction, heating equipment manufacturing, and energy services.