< Application Case of Inspection in Jianghan Oilfield
Application Case of Inspection in Jianghan Oilfield

Application Case of Inspection in Jianghan Oilfield



Jianghan Oilfield is an important comprehensive oil base in the central and southern regions of China, located in the Jianghan Plain of Hubei Province. After long-term practice, Jianghan Oilfield has developed oil and gas exploration technology and rich engineering service experience throughout the entire process from exploration selection, basin evaluation, zone evaluation to target drilling. It has the ability to independently develop large and medium-sized marine and continental integrated oil and gas fields, complex fault block oil and gas fields, and ultra-low permeability oil and gas fields. Jianghan Oilfield has established four oil and gas production bases, including Jianghan Oilfield, Shandong Bamianhe Oilfield, Shaanxi Ansai Pingbei Oilfield, and Jiannan Gas Field. As of the end of 2009, there were 11 domestic exploration rights blocks, with a total of 31 discovered oil fields and 346.68 million tons of proven oil geological reserves; Discovered 1 gas field, with a proven geological reserve of 15.991 billion cubic meters of natural gas; The annual production capacity of crude oil is 1.62 million tons, and the annual production capacity of natural gas is 169 million cubic meters. Major professional construction units such as drilling companies, logging companies, oil construction companies, downhole testing companies, and geophysical exploration companies affiliated with Jianghan Oilfield have all passed ISO international quality system certification and implemented comprehensive HSE management.


As an important oil base in China, Hanjiang Oilfield has always regarded safety inspection management as an important task; Safety is a prerequisite and important guarantee for the development of an enterprise. The scope of pipelines is so wide that without regular inspection and maintenance, if an accident occurs, the consequences will be unimaginable. To this end, the company has introduced an intelligent patrol and inspection system, which requires patrol operators to be in place in a timely manner. Once hidden dangers are found, they must be reported in a timely manner. In this way, it also takes your company's management system to a new level, making it more scientific and standardized.


After being recommended by your company's leaders, strictly controlled and screened layer by layer, Huiyou An's PAD intelligent patrol system was successfully awarded the bid. The Huiyou An HUA-101P new generation explosion-proof PDA positioning alarm inspection system is an innovation of the new generation of patrol inspection system. It has multiple functions including patrol card reading, GPS positioning, data transmission, image and video shooting and uploading, electronic fence, geographic information, attendance, emergency alarm, etc. It will lead the source stream of the new generation of patrol and inspection systems, comprehensively repositioning the new standards of patrol and inspection systems. At the same time, it has obtained explosion-proof certification and is the best choice for oilfield inspection.