< Application Case of Yongchun Xinao Gas Co., Ltd
Application Case of Yongchun Xinao Gas Co., Ltd

Application Case of Yongchun Xinao Gas Co., Ltd

Yongchun Xinao Gas Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Quanzhou Gas Co., Ltd. It is a specialized enterprise in the LNG (liquefied natural gas) utilization project in Yongchun County. It has the franchise rights for pipeline gas within the administrative division of Yongchun County and is responsible for the construction, transmission and distribution, operation, and energy management of pipeline gas in Yongchun County. Yongchun Xinao is committed to the use and popularization of clean energy in the Yongchun region, adhering to the corporate mission of "developing clean energy to benefit the people of Yongchun", constantly innovating and pursuing excellence, striving to become a respected clean energy enterprise.

In order to effectively strengthen the prevention of the safety of natural gas and liquefied gas use, improve the daily maintenance and safety management level of natural gas and liquefied gas, enhance the awareness of safe gas use, master safety knowledge and operation skills, Yongchun Xinao Gas Co., Ltd. applies the Huiyouan intelligent inspection management system, which can improve the work quality of inspectors, scientifically manage inspectors, and ensure the safe operation of equipment.

By applying the Huiyou An intelligent patrol system, the patrol management process has been standardized, and the supervision and management of patrol work have been strengthened. The following goals can be achieved:

(1) Improve the supervision ability and analysis depth of pipeline inspection in enterprises through systematic, intelligent, and standardized management methods, improve the standardization level of management, and improve the quality of pipeline inspection;

(2) By implementing remote and nearby scheduling through the system platform, the time for emergency response and repair is greatly reduced, providing a solid foundation for the safety management and strategic development of enterprises;

(3) The manager assigns work to the inspection personnel through the management system, which analyzes the execution of their work through feedback from the inspection personnel, and conducts remote supervision to improve the efficiency of daily line maintenance work;

(4) The statistical analysis and report generation of data achieve a certain degree of automation, intelligence, and standardization, and are displayed in lists and graphics to achieve standardized assessment of employees.

System Introduction

This system consists of an industrial grade handheld inspection device, electronic tags, and a system management system platform. Based on the actual on-site inspection situation and working environment, install electronic tags on the facilities that require inspection management. Each electronic tag has a unique code built-in, and associate the electronic tag with the inspection equipment in the system management software, and establish inspection projects for all inspection points.

During the inspection, the inspection personnel carry a data collector to inspect according to the plan, read the electronic labels, and the data collector will automatically record the encoding of the electronic labels and the accurate date and time of reading, and automatically pop up the work content that needs to be done on the device. The inspection personnel input the operating status and parameter values of the facility into the data collector through the keyboard based on the prompts provided by the data collector.

The information in the data collector is uploaded to the management computer and automatically summarized to the system management platform through a local area network or wide area network. Statistics are generated by the system management platform and statistical analysis reports are generated. Through the inspection completion report, the inspection project content and inspection completion status of the inspection personnel are understood; Through data reports such as inspection projects, it is possible to grasp and analyze the safety operation situation of the inspection area, and conduct hazard investigation.

Product Introduction