< Beijing Jiamei Center Inspection Application Case
Beijing Jiamei Center Inspection Application Case
In building property management, it is important to appropriately utilize existing scientific and technological means and management methods, relying on various advanced equipment, tools, and human subjective initiative to maintain the safety of the property and its owners. This is a very important task that has attracted the most attention of the majority of owners.


Application Cases of Beijing Jiamei Center

Beijing Jiamei Center is a commercial complex with a landmark building of 180000 square meters, integrating four business formats: administrative office hotel, Donghuang Kaili Hotel, Grade A office building, and New World Department Store Shopping Center. It provides enterprises with a one-stop solution for business, office, shopping, and leisure, building a complete industrial chain connected by multiple business formats, and a knowledge-based value complex that complements each other.

In order to strengthen the safety management of the Beijing Jiamei Center, the management center has introduced the Huiyou An intelligent patrol system, which enables security personnel to patrol and inspect the central office area and the surrounding area of the building at regular and designated times, in order to identify hidden dangers and solve them in a timely manner.

Management personnel can automatically process, analyze, and count patrol data through the system backend to improve work efficiency, while providing managers with a scientific and accurate patrol information and query basis.

Patrol personnel shall inspect various facilities and equipment, such as water, electricity, and gas, in the patrol area according to the established route plan, paying attention to abnormal odors and sounds. If there is any suspicion, it should be immediately identified and dealt with in a timely manner.

Pay attention to observing the situation of personnel and their belongings, and if suspicious personnel are found, choose an appropriate location to observe and report in a timely manner.

● In case of any illegal crime or violation of public security management regulations, the police shall report it to the police immediately and stop it in time. The suspect who may be captured shall be sent to the public security department immediately.

Drive away unauthorized personnel such as distributing advertisements within the property scope, and stop behaviors that violate property management regulations

Application effect

1) Timely identify and correct problems.

2) Eliminate all types of illegal behavior in maintaining order.

3) Prevent and prevent various hidden dangers of public security accidents.

4) Ensure civilized duty, civilized service, and provide satisfactory services for business owners.

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