< Inspection Application Case of Shandong Yinuo Biomass Materials Co., Ltd
Inspection Application Case of Shandong Yinuo Biomass Materials Co., Ltd

Inspection Application Case of Shandong Yinuo Biomass Materials Co., Ltd

When it comes to "daily inspections," some people may casually say with a smile, "Isn't it just about going to the site and checking if the temperature rise and sound of the running equipment are abnormal when we have nothing to do at work? Isn't this still simple?" Little do we know that this seemingly simple daily inspection is particularly important in our daily work.


Biochemical enterprises are a high-risk industry with a relatively large number and types of equipment, and production is interconnected. If each hidden danger point is not dealt with in a timely manner, it can affect the normal operation of the equipment, and in severe cases, it can affect the normal production of a large area in the surrounding area, even causing personal injury, which restricts the realization of long-term stable production and affects the production efficiency of the enterprise.

Shandong Yinuo Biomass Materials Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the principles of energy conservation, emission reduction, and deep development of circular economy, creating more value for society through efficient management and high-quality services. In order to establish standardized services, ensure enterprise safety production, and achieve unified management of security personnel, Yinuo Biological strengthens safety production inspection management by introducing the Huiyou An explosion-proof patrol system.

The problems solved by intelligent patrol

By setting up patrol software, managers can uniformly report and process records of security personnel, patrol time, necessary patrol locations, and security issues encountered during security patrols, making patrol information clear at a glance. Scientific management has been achieved, safety hazards have been reduced, and accidents have been prevented.

1. Through the application of patrol systems, the problem of security personnel neglecting their duties has been effectively solved, and timely inspections by security personnel have been supervised. This not only eliminates situations of missed and incorrect patrols, but also achieves scientific management of security patrol personnel;

2. The unified management of inspection data through backend software reduces labor costs and effectively prevents data fraud, providing managers with a scientific and accurate inspection information and query basis.

Application products

Project Introduction

Shandong Yinuo Biomass Materials Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. After several years of development, it has formed a production base for chain products such as furfuryl alcohol, 2-methylfuran, tetrahydrofurfuryl alcohol, acetyl n-propanol, and 2-methyltetrahydrofuran. We have an annual production capacity of 100000 tons of furfuryl alcohol, 5000 tons of 2-methylfuran, 5000 tons of tetrahydrofuryl alcohol, 5000 tons of 2-methyltetrahydrofuran, and 5000 tons of acetylpropanol. Building a first-class supplier of chemical raw materials is the common vision of Yinuo people. The company adheres to the principle of "quality first, reputation first", adheres to contracts, operates with integrity, and has a group of domestic and foreign customers who have cooperated well.