Wuhu Power Supply Company Inspection Application Case

Wuhu Power Supply Company Inspection Application Case

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Power supply is not only one of the important energy supply needed for people's livelihood and production, but also an essential factor for local economic development. Power supply companies implement power management, distribution, maintenance and technical support for power grids. With the continuous development of the national grid, the management problems of power supply companies are becoming more and more prominent.

In the innovation of power supply equipment, the system of power system is constantly changing environment, the social requirements for the basic service of power supply is also increasing. Facing the contradiction between the management service and the realistic requirement, it is the urgent task to improve the safety management ability scientifically.

In order to ensure the safe operation of the power supply equipment facilities, improve the safety management system, Anhui Wuhu Power Supply Company introduced HUA guard tour system to enhance the safety management capacity. Through the system setting, for the construction site, power corridor, cable line along the key areas and trans Pres, circuitbreakers, isolation switches, voltage transformers, current transformers, electricity.

Solved problem

  • Assign patrolman set time, tasks, inspection plan, assessment of the work of inspectors, to avoid personnel off-duty, off-duty.
  • To ensure the quality of inspection, timely and effective understanding and detection of problems, early treatment and resolution.
  • Through the background management software on the analysis and processing of inspection information, for inspectors to provide useful information, the development of appropriate strategies to solve the problem in the bud, to prevent before.

Applied product

HUA guard tour system

Project introduction

Wuhu Power Supply Company is a national sophomore enterprise directly under the anhui electric power company, under the jurisdiction of Changchang, Wuhu, Nanling, no-county four power supply companies, not only bear the work of Wuhu City and four counties power supply, but also shoulder the responsibility of power supply to the East China 500 kV power grid to power supply.

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