Why Your Guard Tour Monitoring System Is Not Working

Why Your Guard Tour Monitoring System Is Not Working

Must-Know Reasons - Why Your Guard Tour Monitoring System Is Not Working?

Security guards are an important part of a business’s security. They have to look after both the premises and the people in the premises all around the day. It is the job of the administration to keep track of security guards doing their duty. This is where Guard tour systems step in. Guard tour monitoring system have acted as a game-changer in the world of security. These systems help you in the administration of your guard patrols. This helps to get you an ideal, well-secured business.

Choosing the right system can be a headache when it comes to guard patrol monitoring. A good choice can help your entire security operation manifolds. It would help security guards to respond to any kind of situation effectively. This can range from a serious issue like a suspicious package, or a small event of unprofessional behavior. Whatever the problem, an effective guard tour monitoring system can help you in providing immediate security services.

However, sometimes in a hurry, you might end up making the wrong choice regarding guard tour systems. This will hurt not only your security services but your entire business. So, let’s look at a few reasons why such guard tour systems prove to be a problem in working effectively.

Guard Tour Monitoring System

Software Malfunctions

Software malfunctions are something that is not new to the world of computing. Guard tour monitoring software can also contain bugs that prevent them from working smoothly.

Not only that, but sometimes such software contains viruses that can harm your computer as well. Malware can also be present in the software. That can put all your sensitive data on the computer at risk. It can even spread to other computers in your network. This puts data in all of them in danger of being stolen.

The most effective way around this is to pay attention to the buying process of such software. You should always go for trusted suppliers that manufacture both their hardware and their software themselves. This will guarantee you accountability for any potential damage. In case of any problems, their customer support services would also be available for help a call away.

You can also make use of several widely available antivirus applications to scan your software before use. These will easily inform you if the guard tour monitoring system’s software contains any potential threat to your system.

Complicated Software

A guard tour monitoring system should have software with a user-friendly interface. What this means is that it should be easy to learn and use. With simple methods to carry out even difficult actions, even those without no knowledge of technology should be able to easily use it.

Most guard patrol software available in the markets requires employees to have training to use it. However, this is not good for a business as it would require additional funds for the training. You should be able to gain a system’s full advantages with the least amount of funds spent.

Having software that is difficult to use would also make your employees hesitant in doing their work. The hesitance will lead to slower, and unwelcoming results. This will make your business a less secure one.

That is why you should find software that is easy to navigate for everyone, especially newcomers to the job. This will make everyone’s jobs easier for them. It will also create a healthy workplace, providing you maximum security!

Lack of Functionalities in Software

The suitable software for guard patrol systems are those that contain many functionalities in them. This does not mean that they should be difficult to use. It only means that they should have several features that might come in handy for you.

While choosing a suitable software for your guard tour system, you should follow the said guideline. Always go for programs that offer many functionalities and uses. The features shouldn’t only be as few as getting guards’ locations and whether they’ve visited checkpoints or not. It should also have other benefits, for example, expected patrol routes and automatic on-demand data analysis. Such functions will help you to have a system that will help both and guards and the administration.

Most people prefer to look at only the fine lines in a guard tour monitoring software. The intricate details that they contain are quite simply ignored.

Lack of Real-Time Information

Making promises is easy, but fulfilling promises is what’s difficult.

Most guard tour monitoring systems claim to provide live details about the guard’s whereabouts. Although this may be true in some cases, most companies fail to deliver this promise. That is true, especially for longer periods of time.

Most systems aren’t able to give real-time information to the administration for longer lengths of time. This is because of low quality GPS trackers. This results in a loss of finances as the company will have to buy new tracking devices for its guards.

In addition to the guard’s live location, real-time information also has many other areas. These can include the guards’ patrol routes, the checkpoints they have covered; and even the expected time that the rest of their patrol will take.

The internet will help in accessing the real-time information. Using the very same facility, supervisors could also talk to their guards from anywhere. This would help them to give commands effectively, without having to be physically present at the guard’s stations. Thus, due to the absence of any messengers, commands would reach the guards accurately guaranteeing full accountability.

Thus, it is important that while choosing a guard patrol system, you go for one that provides real-time information. Live information about your employees is very important to make your security system efficient and successful. And remember, a good company will always have guarantees to the level of quality it provides!

Lack of Digitalization

The whole point of going for a guard patrol system is to move towards automation. After all, it is automation that brings ease to your worries and duties.

Some people forget about the level of automation that a guard tour monitoring system will provide to them. This is a big no-no that everyone should avoid.

In conventional guard tour systems, guards had to manually fill in notebooks to mark their attendance at checkpoints. Modern guard tour systems were made with the aim to help out this process.

In an effective guard tour solution, guards will only scan their hand-held devices on fixed readers at the checkpoints. These readers can be of either barcodes or RFIDs, depending on the company you go for. This process will automatically send all your required details to your supervisors in the form of an alert. It is therefore the perfect example of a well-automized patrol system.

Therefore, this is something that all businesses should keep an eye out for. Their chosen guard tour system should maximize automation and reduce the number of manual tasks that they have to do. This will help to use the patrol systems to their full potential, making your business much secure than before. This brings us to the next point:

Piles of Documentation

An effective guard tour monitoring system reduces the amount of paperwork you have to do.

As a result of false advertising, most patrol systems available in the markets fail to achieve this purpose successfully. One of the key features that help to achieve this is a cloud-based system.

Documentation is usually the result of needless typing and printing of guard patrol reports. HUAguard’s cloud-based system helps in easily solving this problem.

All guard attendances and other details are automatically uploaded to the cloud, and a notification is sent to their superiors. They can then access these details whenever they want, wherever they are.

This will help your business to adopt a more eco-friendly approach involving less paper. An external and usually off-site server will help give access to all files; this saves space as well. An efficient system also has AI-based features. This means that just as in conventional systems analysts did data analysis manually, your system will do the same for you automatically upon request. An efficient system can even generate such reports on-demand!

Thus, while getting a guard patrol system you should make sure that it has a cloud feature as well. This will save you both time, financial resources, and even useful space as well!

Inefficient Guards

One of the major reasons for an inefficient workforce is the factor that everyone ignores yet is part of the system: the employed guards.

Human error is one of the biggest liabilities for a security system. This is because they are thought to be out of control. Guards may purposely skip checkpoints due to forgetfulness, fatigue, or laziness. This can create massive risks for your business as newer employees may pick up these bad habits from older guards. This will become a chain of worries for your company.

By choosing a well-optimized guard tour monitoring system, this problem can be easily overcome. By using features like face recognition or RFID scans, such a system will help recognize such people easily, as they’ll be the ones frequently missing checkpoints or being absent. This will help in ensuring that guards are hitting their checkpoints as scheduled.

After they are recognized, you could easily get rid of them. As your team would no longer have bad eggs, it would be the efficient one you would have always wanted!

Lack of Accuracy

This applies only if you are using conventional guard patrol methods. In that case, you go forward to purchase a guard patrol system for your business without any hesitance.

A conventional system involves doing all actions manually. These tasks can range from the guards marking their attendance at checkpoints to the formation of reports from this data. Data Analysis and data transfer are the most important yet weak aspects of such systems.

As expected, while marking their attendance manually, guards are bound to get a few details wrong. Whether these mistakes are deliberate or because of human error, no one knows. But they can cause huge problems for the administration, especially during the analysis of data.

These mistakes can be as minute as getting the time of patrol of a guard wrong. But they can also be as huge as placing the wrong files in the wrong folders. Whatever the issue might be, a modern guard tour monitoring system helps to solve all such problems. The RFID readers will automatically record all needed data upon being scanned by the guard’s devices. This data will be accurate to the T and help in achieving a well-optimized security system.

Final Word

Guard tour monitoring systems are one of the many benefits of advancements in technology. In this rapidly developing world, new inventions are springing up every day. An efficient guard tour system is extremely important for you to have a well-secured business.

In addition to providing well-managed security, it will also help in other tasks as well. You will no longer require data analysts to analyze and create reports. Large amounts of data will be easily handled, and that too automatically.

The need for bulk typists would also no longer exist, as data would not exist in a physical “hard copy” form. Such systems are thus eco-friendly as well, making use of the cloud as much as possible. However, all these benefits still don’t ensure that your system will run smoothly for long periods.

That is where the factors described above come in. When looking for a guard patrol system for your business, always take care of these factors. This will ensure that you obtain a well-designed system that will reap many benefits. This will not only help your administrative body but also your guards by easing their work.

All these will simply help you to relax, knowing that the best systems in the markets are safeguarding your business. You will have a sense of relief knowing that all your work is safe from any threats or damage. This will help you to focus on your business operations more, guaranteeing success!



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