Why Cloud Patrol

Why Cloud Patrol

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Cloud patrol system than traditional electronic patrol more, the biggest difference is that the cloud patrol system will be the traditional patrol tour necessary management software and patrol tour management computer to the cloud, patrol data access and view in the cloud. While patrolling personnel patrolling point collection way, patrolling unit type, patrolling the data download and traditional patrolling system, or can be a good support traditional patrolling system hardware products, whether it is currently widely used contact patrolling, inductive patrolling, USB data download, or currently use less GPRS, GPS and so on patrolling unit can be used in cloud patrolling inspection system in the system.

Security patrol data, real-time back to management

The use of cloud technology for customers to bring different experience, although there is no difference in the way of patrol, but with the patrol more management software and patrol more management computer "disappear", users do not need to maintain management software and computer, and this is the current majority of users headache. The supplier of the cloud patrol and inspection system is responsible for the daily maintenance and stability of the cloud, to ensure the stability of the cloud patrol and inspection system, and greatly reduce the workload of users, which is obviously a more reasonable way of division of labor. At the same time, due to the more data stored in the cloud, users can check more records through the network at any time and anywhere, the way of inquiry is also more diverse, can be a computer, mobile phone or pad, and completely as convenient as the Internet.

Although cloud patrolling inspection systems, the leading electronic patrolling system development direction, but the market mainstream products are still patrolling system of BS architecture, almost all mainstream brand enterprise in production and sales both at home and abroad, because of this kind of technology is outdated, multifarious installation, high operating costs, and the product development cycle is short, hard beyond the product user experience higher expectations. The advent of cloud patrol inspection system, patrol more system from now on into the cloud era, more attention to user experience, at the same time remove the development barriers of inflated prices. Cloud patrol inspection system from the following three aspects to improve user experience and reduce patrol operating costs.

1. No geographical restrictions - patrol managers can query mobile phone patrol more information, control the security patrol more staff working situation, even if thousands of miles apart, monitoring security work at your fingertips.

2. Remove the more expensive virtual high - cloud patrol inspection system software free, free cloud storage provided, in addition, managers can view the patrol table online, no need to rent a special server, no need to hire full-time personnel to maintain, greatly save operating costs and time costs, and achieve hierarchical management, clear authority.

3. Patrol data security - patrol products introduced cloud computing and cloud storage technology, data timely and accurate and not lost.

Because it plays an increasingly important role in people's production and life, and the country to build a safe community environment, electronic patrol system and the distance between the public gradually shortened, the public will get more sense of security from the patrol system. People used to shy away from high prices. Now, with the popularization of cloud patrol system technology, further lower the price of patrol system products, so that more and more people can enjoy a new life security service guarantee.

In addition, the survey found that whether electronic patrol can be more popular key lies in the price. Current market price is differ, electronic patrolling system ranging from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of yuan, a set of high-end market down price is in one hundred thousand yuan, mainly foreign brands, the main markets such as senior residential villas, and domestic brands mainly residential area, factory warehouse, hotel, write the market such as electric power, railway, price from a few hundred to ten thousand yuan is given priority to, most brands have petrol products based on BS architecture.

Cloud patrol inspection system, to the traditional electronic patrol bring a strong impact, users do not need to buy all patrol system equipment and software, daily maintenance work can also be unified management service units. Not only users reduce one-time services, but also for service providers, there is a long-term business development.

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