What’s Cloud Patrol

What’s Cloud Patrol

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Electronic patrol entered the Chinese market in the 1990s, mainly used for public security management, community, school, office areas and other places at night, regular fixed patrol, is a preventive measure. Electronic patrol system based on intelligent card automatic identification acquisition technology is applied in mobile automatic acquisition environment. Data collector its technical principle is commonly said to be through the read card module smart card ID(patrol more point) no. Instantly read down into the current clock into the electronic patrol machine's memory, and finally through the data transmission device the memory recorded information communication to the PC through the application of management software for data processing. Electronic patrol system by function, can be divided into: fixed type, digital type, Chinese type, data acquisition type four categories.

In recent years, with the trend of centralized management in the security service industry, the patrol engineering in Europe and America is generally equipped with the security service. The security service company provides homogeneous security service to its multiple service customers, and provides the data query of patrol situation. In the foreign patrol project of a small single property, the overall security service company patrol more management system engineering. In the more systematic software, the world's top manufacturers happen to realize the software network framework and large database based on the operation, data transmission support through a variety of wire network, wireless network transmission.

Electronic patrol more toward the network, under the support of cloud technology, cloud patrol patrol inspection system came into being. Cloud patrol system use cloud storage and cloud computing technology, in the cloud on the patrol system all the data including patrol more record and patrol more plan, patrol more personnel and other working conditions for analysis and storage, users through the cloud access to get the need of patrol more information.

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