What Makes a Great umei Guard Tour System?

What Makes a Great umei Guard Tour System?

What Makes a Great umei Guard Tour System?

Just like all other industries, security companies have to keep up with the changing trends and times. This is why it’s of utmost importance that they use the latest technology. In other words, finding the right UMEI guard tour system is a part of the process that helps security companies report all kinds of movements to their officers when they are patrolling. If you look around, you’ll see that there’s so much hype about these guard tour systems nowadays and almost everyone is using one right now. It makes sense because these security systems not only help security officers do their work efficiently. But they also help in bringing ease and convenience to their day-to-day operations.


umei Guard Tour System


In this article, we’ll be talking about why you need a UMEI guard tour system. And what you should expect from one.

Why Do You Need A UMEI Guard Tour System?


To understand the need for a guard tour system properly. Let’s think about the traditional means of how an officer patrols without the use of any advanced technology. What usually happens is that patrol officers have to carry around a pen and a notebook with them to write down all the issues they face.

Along with their checkpoints and their and their timings when they complete their task. At the end of the day, they then have to compile all of this information and then put it in front of the main supervisor. If you think about it, there’s just too much hassle the officer has to go through and you won’t ever even know if the tasks have actually been completed like mentioned by the officer in the papers. In other words, you really can’t ever be sure if the job actually is done and there’s no way you can tell so you have to believe what the officer says.

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Now with a UMEI guard patrol system, the officer carries a device with him during his patrol. And every time he reaches a checkpoint, he has to scan the device and the time will be recorded. If it’s a smartphone-based guard tour system, things are even easier. The guard can easily mention any issues he’s facing in detail and even takes pictures as proof. These systems just help make things easier and more convenient. Especially if you compare them with the manual systems, you’ll see that they really do make a huge difference.


Factors You Must Look For When Choosing A UMEI Guard Tour System

When it comes to guard tour systems, you’ll come across two different types. The first type is the wand-based system and then there’s the smartphone or cloud-based system.


You have to choose wisely between which type you want to use for your operations. In the wand-based guard tour systems the checkpoints are some hardware pieces that are also known as “buttons”. The buttons come with microchips and each one of the chips has a specific ID. The officer will be using a personal button here to log in every time he reaches a checkpoint. There’s no way to collect any detail of any incident using the buttons. It’s just used for scanning purposes.

Then there’s the more advanced RFID or smartphone/cloud technology which is more efficient and more effective when it comes to managing security teams. In this case, the checkpoints are RFID tags or QR codes that can easily be scanned without any hassle. The officer can take pictures here or send out written details to the client right away without worrying about any manual workings.

When deciding which system to go for, consider everything, from durability to costs involved and functionalities. The main advantage of a wand-based guard tour system is that it offers customization as per your needs. On the other hand, cloud technology can help you deliver your details to the clients without any paperwork and this technology is way cheaper than the wand one.

It’s Time To Upgrade To An UMEI Guard Tour System

Gone are the days when people opted for manual ways to perform duties or complete tasks. Almost every industry and organization out there is currently trying to shift to new technologies that make their day-to-day operations.


That’s the exact thing you should do right now. Using a UMEI guard tour system will be the best investment of your time and money. It’s going to change the security team management system for you and you sure will see some real-time results.


It Will Become Easier To Report

Your guards won’t have to spend time writing reports which will save them and you a lot of time. Your officers will be able to put in all the details in real-time and you will be informed about the checkpoints and any incidents without any delays. Moreover, with the voice-to-text option, your guards can tell you all the details without putting in any effort of writing in papers.

Improvement In Officer Performance

The fact that we cannot deny is that people perform better when they know that they are being watched. The same goes with these guard patrol systems. The guards know that you are monitoring them all the time. You know when they reached a checkpoint, you know about the time in which they completed a task. And you know if the incident they reported is true or not. In such a situation, it goes without saying that your guards will perform well. This ultimately improves their performance and hence you won’t have to worry about unsatisfied clients.


Overall Verdict

This is everything you need to know about a UMEI guard patrol system. Most importantly, we hope it’s clear for you now how these systems work and what difference they can make. So without waiting anymore, we’d suggest that you start using this technology. We assure you that it won’t just help you save a lot of time but it will also help you manage your operations easily.


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