What is patrol guard tour system? Effectiveness Guide

What is patrol guard tour system? Effectiveness Guide

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To do tasks of patrol guard tour system well, simply applying the business is not enough. It is necessary to have a smart technology to simplify the tasks of protecting the target with cloud. Mobile technology to achieve service perfection. The necessity of the patrol and guard surveillance system.

patrol guard tour system

An overview on patrol guard tour system

The patrol guard tour system helps Security Service Companies and Customers to monitor their security activities in daily security operations such as protecting buildings, assets, or equipment. The system will record the patrol activities of security guards according to the patrol plan and help them to report problems, incidents, or any risks they encounter during patrolling.

Patrol guard tour system significance.

The guard monitoring system ensures a higher level of safety and reliability, helps to increase awareness, and provides sufficient evidence for any incidents. As a result, security companies get a more effective protection service, increasing the value of security services in the eyes of customers, thereby improving competitiveness, or raising service costs.

How does intelligent security patrol surveillance system work?

An intelligent patrol guard tour system always strives to collect and provide important information that the Security Company or their Client wants to have to have thorough answers to the following questions:


  • How many targets are currently being protected by monitoring?
  • Does each protection target ensure enough troops according to the plan?
  • Does each protection target have any problems? Have these problems been resolved or fixed?
  • Are security patrols carried out according to established plans? (date, time, frequency)
  • Do security guards strictly comply with their protection activities? did they leave the position?
  • How to control the total patrol time of the security team and manage the issues of the security guard's working days?

All the above questions are necessary to have a perfect security service. So, most of the company Professional Security Services worldwide use guard patrol monitoring to fulfill their duty to protect. With the Guard Patrol Monitoring System, companies can record the date, time, location of the incident.

Take a picture of any suspicious problem, record any details, and notify it online. to everyone involved in the incident. A monitoring solution will provide historical data for all patrol operations that have been conducted.

Information execution of guard patrol monitoring 

Information about a guard patrol activity is recorded and reported at the time of patrol in real-time. With real-time updated data, it will provide accurate information about all security patrol activities including recording problems and incidents.

Security Service Companies that use security patrol monitoring software to perform the following tasks in security patrol activities:

  • Define checkpoints/patrol points for specific areas and locations.
  • Define roles and scope of duties for each guard.
  • Moreover, define a specific patrol schedule for each security guard.
  • Ensure that security guards always adhere to the schedule they have been assigned.
  • Know how long the security guards are thereby checking their location.
  • Determine the exact duration of the guard patrol.

 Upgrading the Security Patrol Monitoring System with Cloud Technology

Patrol guard tour systems can be divided into two types: Traditional guard patrol monitoring system and Guard patrol monitoring system based on cloud and mobile technology. The traditional guard patrol monitoring system is based on a specialized patrol device (chip patrol device).

It helps security guards perform their patrols by pressing buttons fixed at different locations. Fixed locations scan patrol points and store their patrol data in these devices. When an incident occurs in patrol activities, the devices will record, and the data store for lookup and use.

Guard Patrol Monitoring System relies on

In addition, the patrol guard tour system is based on cloud computing technology that allows connection with Monitoring/Command Center in real time. Data is sent over GPRS /3G/4G/Wi-Fi in real-time and transmitted instantly through cloud infrastructure.

Upgrading your security operations by adopting a Guard Patrol Monitoring System based on cloud computing and smartphone technology is a significant increase in the quality of the security service that you provide. you are providing.

Surveillance system upgradations; patrol guard tour system

This smartphone-powered security patrol surveillance system with QR codes/RFID tag control points combine all the useful, innovative features of cloud technology. Eliminating a host of problems. Day-to-day time-consuming operations, improving reliability and allowing paperless reports to be generate.

To talk about the basic advantages of cloud computing technology, the patrol guard tour system provides:

  • Firstly, meet all requirements with minimal infrastructure costs
  • Secondly, improved flexibility
  • Moreover, manage and monitor protection operations from anywhere in the world
  • It doesn't take much time to create reports or handwrite reports
  • Also, automatic software update
  • Above all, using multiple devices (smartphones, tablets)

Cons of traditional guard patrol

On the other hand, the traditional guard patrol device lacks the core features related to data flexibility and interoperability:

  • Every month, I must dump data from the device to the computer for the patrol guard tour system
  • Limited internal management, monitoring ability, failure to timely detect personnel shortages, skipping patrols
  • Unable to detect the security guard leaving the target during the shift
  • Additionally, unable to supervise mobile inspectors
  • Also limiting the security guard's reliability control
  • And information is not updated about the Command Center during the patrol period
  • Must export data from many software and then aggregate it into a workday table

Indispensable basic equipment and its specifications

In addition to the indispensable basic equipment of patrol guard tour system such as 3G Sim, V9 Reader, power charger and cable, Frid patrol points, depending on the needs of use, businesses can consider choosing several devices be different. A full set of equipment includes:

  • First, charger and USB Cable
  • Second, SIM 3G
  • Also, 125 kHz RFID patrol points (checkpoints)
  • And employee identification card
  • Moreover, incident wallet
  • Above all, the device carrying case

patrol guard tour system 2021

You may already know about the security patrol machine, but if you don't learn carefully, very few people can grasp a full set of this protective patrol machine including what and the benefits of each device accompanied.

Conclusion on patrol guard tour system

In summary, choosing a Security Patrol Management System based on cloud computing technology. And mobile phones are the right decision to quickly increase efficiency. As well as significantly improve quality. The service of a patrol guard tour system gives its customers more than what they expect.

Smart Guard – Smart Guard Patrol Monitoring System is an advanced technology product based on cloud computing, combining all core protection features. Moreover, the optimally here is in just one mobile phone. The dynamic, providing you with a unique experience in your patrol surveillance.

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