What is guard tour system? 6 Benefits to Buy Guard Patrol System in 2021

What is guard tour system? 6 Benefits to Buy Guard Patrol System in 2021

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1. What is guard tour system?

What is guard tour system? It is a system to record employee work activities. In many areas such as security guards patrol the property. Railway patrol officer, Climate control environment monitoring technician. The prison guard checks the prison area, etc.

It helps to ensure that the staff follows the schedule. Moreover, it assigns its own at precise intervals. It can provide records to supervisors, Owners or agencies, Insurance as legal evidence.

2. How does the security patrol system work?

At the points to be checked, we install the Patrol Button (which is a touch card with its own ID or a barcode). Patrol officers carry what is guard tour system on duty. When you arrive at the checkpoint, use the Patrol Machine to scan the checkpoint to confirm that you have passed through this point.

The patrol device will save the checkpoint ID, events, photos, time the staff on duty passed. Similarly, it can be through software or over the Internet. Supervisors can check the data to see if employees are on time for duty. Do not miss any check points. Furthermore, data can be exported to an Excel or PDF file.

3. Application of guard tour system

The application of guard patrol system will help agencies. What is guard tour system? It monitors their employees accurately. Timely and manage their assets more efficiently. Enhance their security services. So many different industries can take advantage of using a guard patrol system such as:

  • Security Service companies monitor their employees and report to the Owner.
  • Bridge industry: patrolling railways, tunnels, bridges.
  • Moreover,  Civilians patrol the neighborhood
  • Similarly, the warden goes to check on the prisoner.
  • Factory applications for employees Maintain electrical systems, machinery, ..
  • In addition, Warehouses ensure the security of their goods.
  • Furthermore, manufacturing facilities, to prevent damage and to document failures in all aspects of the manufacturing process.
  • Educational institute, to increase student safety.
  • Moreover, organize real estate, manage their buildings and protect them from damage.
  • Government agencies prevent external threats.


Simplify targeted protection operations with cloud and mobile technology to achieve protection service excellence

What is guard tour system 2021

All security services in Smartphone

Management of troops, planning and monitoring of protection, monitoring of targets

Clear information, Timely support

Generally, problem information is recorded by the security guard and immediately reported to the relevant department for timely support.

Save time, Reduce costs

Timekeepers, patrol machines, cameras, recorders, notebooks... are replaced and integrated in the smartphone.

Reduce load, prevent fraud

Moreover, what is guard tour system? It closely monitors the activities of security guards to avoid leaving the target, skipping shifts, evading patrols, leaving the inspection line...

What features does guard tour system have?

Simplify targeted protection operations with cloud and mobile technology to achieve protection service excellence

For the security team

  • Generally, Smartphone applications to support patrols:
  • Timekeeping declaration
  • Similarly, Note the problem that arises
  • Send emergency alerts for timely assistance
  • Furthermore, Captains can schedule and assign personnel
  • In addition, Support to remind schedule, guide patrolling...

For mobile inspectors


Smartphone application to support inspection operations:

  • Timekeeping declaration
  • Similarly, review of shifts
  • Note the problem that arises
  • Remind working schedule, inspection route, and professional guidance on inspection...

What is guard tour system For Managers?

Basically, the smartphone app supports all operations:

  • Online monitoring of security targets or security patrol activities of employees anywhere, anytime
  • Moreover, Monitor guard patrol activity in real time
  • Similarly, Manage issues remotely at any time

For the command center

Web application to support management and administration:

  • Centralized administration: manage security team, inspection team, area commander, etc. in 1 software
  • In addition, Manage the list and problems at the target, patrol point
  • Planning for parts
  • Furthermore, Monitor the problem of each target

What is guard tour system? It improves the quality and competitiveness of the security company

Profit optimization

Reduce the cost of using resources to monitor patrol and guard activities, increase profits by improving service quality and competitiveness

Optimizing employee productivity with guard tour system

  • Prevent employee fraud, optimize work productivity
  • Moreover, Receive and quickly handle all problems that occur at the target
  • Anywhere, the manager receives information as soon as the employee reports the problem, and supports the employee to solve it in a timely manner

Improve safety for security guards

Staff use the SOS button to send an emergency signal to the operator for timely assistance

What is guard tour system?

Ensure security and safety for companies that need to protect warehouses, factories, apartments, buildings

The company has guard tour system

Ensure the safety of life and property for workshops and warehouses

Improve the responsibility of the security team when performing tasks, prevent fraud and optimize work productivity

Receive and handle the problem immediately

No matter where the manager is, he or she can monitor patrol activities and receive incident reports of employees to come up with a timely solution.

What does guard tour system mobile timekeeping solution help?

Time attendance by mobile phone is a new solution appearing on the market but has created the trust of businesses. The solution to support the timekeeping security team right on the mobile phone, declare the location - working time with the manager without having to worry about fraud.

These declarations are all recorded by what is guard tour system device and transmitted to the control center, managers can monitor the number of troops, the number of employees who come late and leave early anytime, anywhere, right on the Mobile application and Website.

  • Step 1 : The security guard arrives at the patrol target, then takes a selfie of his face to declare Enter the target or Enter the gate
  • Step 2 : All information about the location, time, and images of the security guard will be recorded by the application and automatically transmitted to the server.
  • : Managers and leaders will immediately capture timekeeping data of security guards on Web and mobile. At the same time, attendance data is securely stored and easily post-checked to eliminate any fraud when timekeeping.

Conclusion: what is guard tour system?

If businesses want to innovate their operating methods, applying a security attendance solution is extremely reasonable. You need to know about what is guard tour system.

This is considered a smart modern solution that both improves work quality and helps managers proactively monitor all data in real time. It saves time and costs, minimize manual work processes, and improve work efficiency for businesses. Automatically aggregate data into timekeeping reports.

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