What is Guard Tour System? Qualities it should Possess

What is Guard Tour System? Qualities it should Possess

What is Guard Tour System? Qualities it should Possess

Before getting started with the qualities of a guard tour system one must know what is guard tour system and how it works. For those who are new to this concept, guard tour systems are there to solve the problem of security guards who do not patrol as told. Most importantly, this system helps companies and organizations log, execute and organize patrols and guard tours within their assets. In a nutshell, these systems are there to ensure that your guards are completing their tasks within the given time interval.


What is Guard Tour System


Now that you know what is guard tour system, next comes the reason why you should be using one. Without making you wonder much, we’ll cut it all into a short summary! You need a guard tour system because, for starters, it helps cut down all the manual paperwork. Your guard won’t have to write it down every time he passes through a checkpoint or he won’t have to sit down and write in his notebook about the problems he faced during his tasks. With a guard tour system, it can all be done with just a single push of a button. The guard can scan the checkpoints and use a very simple interface to describe their entire day’s activity to the monitoring center. Other than this, there are several other reasons that justify why you should be using a guard tour system right away.


Qualities That Your Guard Tour System Must Possess

It goes without saying that not all guard tour systems will be worth your time and money. So you have to be very careful about what you choose. To help you in this process of finding the one right guard tour patrol system, we are going to jot down some of the most important qualities that you must look for when making a final decision.


Starting with;


1-It Must Be Durable

Patrol products are different from other security products. This product is specifically there to manage and supervise the guards on duty which is why it’s also vulnerable to damage from other users. With workplaces where security management is not so strong, the patrol personnel might do anything in their power to deliberately destroy the patrol stick. It can be throwing, spraying, high or low temperature, or even fire in some cases. This is why when buying a patrol stick, you must choose the one that’s durable, robust, and strong.

A patrol wand with a record of such as WM-5000ES will be best suitable for you here. The recommended rating is IP67 because again, the patrol products are supposed to be water-proof, dust-proof, and even drop-proof. This saves from all the maintenance issues in the long run. Even if it means spending a little extra money, you should always choose durable patrol products especially if you don’t want to worry about any damages or maintenance later.

2-The Software Operation


Second of all, you need to be very attentive towards the software operation being used for management. Powerful management software will help you analyze all of the missed patrol details automatically and it will immediately generate a report for the manager to check and compare the missed patrol. Not only this but the software will also help with the calculation of the missed patrol rate, the actual patrol, the planned patrol, and the pass rate.


The software operation should also have the quality of backing up all the information and data right away so that nothing gets lost or missed. Data loss can be quite damaging for your security system which is why you must choose software that prevents this issue in the first place. Managers usually use the software in guard patrol systems so it’s important that the software is user-friendly. Speaking of which, it would be better to go for a cloud-based system because as a manager you then will be able to easily access the software through a website without worrying about any installation. It’s also more flexible in use so you should go for it.


3-It Should Be Flexible

It’s of utmost importance to know that your guard tour system offers flexible operation. For example, you never know if in the future you have to shift your office from one location to another. Considering such a situation, it’s best if you already have a guard tour system that supports cloud databases. This will automatically make it easier for you to install and use the system in your new location with efficiency and ease. Moreover, it will be a plus to have a system that helps with event reporting with the use of images, a panic button on a mobile app, timesheet management, or task assignment. It would also be better if the system provides advanced reporting to the owner.


4-It Must Be Reliable

The answer to the question, what is guard tour system, is that it’s a one reliable and durable system that helps people organize and manage their security without any hassle. In simpler words, reliability is a must when you are looking for a guard tour system. After all, there’s a purpose to why you are deploying it and that purpose should be fulfilled. When we say reliable, we are basically referring to the fact that your system should be available offline and it should be immune to any third-party attacks. It should also be able to generate information on all of the pending check-ins along with the inactive checkpoints and the GPS location of every single guard.


These are some qualities that your guard tour system must possess. If you really want the best value for your money and invest in something that makes guard patrolling easier then just consider these qualities and then make a final purchase decision. We assure you that with all these qualities in check, you will end up with the best system and the best software that will make all operations easier for you than they ever were.


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