What is guard patrol system? 4 Errors & Solution in Security System

What is guard patrol system? 4 Errors & Solution in Security System

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What is guard patrol system
What is guard patrol system?
Security patrol system is a system to record the work activities of employees. In many areas such as security guards patrol the property. Railroad patrol officer, Climate control environment monitoring technician.

The warden checks the prison area, etc. It helps to ensure that the staff is on schedule. Moreover, it assigns its own at precise intervals. It can provide records to supervisors, Owners or agencies, Insurance as legal evidence.

How does the security patrol system work?

At the points to be checked, we install the Patrol Button (which is a touch card with its own ID or a barcode). Patrol officers carry Patrol Machines on duty. When you arrive at the checkpoint, use the Patrol Machine to scan the checkpoint to confirm that you have passed through this point.

What is guard patrol system? The patrol device will save the checkpoint ID, events, photos, time the staff on duty passed. It goes through software or over the Internet. Supervisors can check the data to see if employees are on time.

Below are the commonly encountered errors of protective patrol equipment. These errors will cause some errors in the process of monitoring and controlling the patrol. That's why Huaguard will guide you on how to fix it when you encounter an error in the process of using the security patrol machine. In addition, please pay attention to maintenance and maintenance to improve the life of the equipment

Some common mistakes when using a security timekeeper


Error 1: The problem is that the device does not receive a "beep beep" signal when it comes to the front of the patrol sensors.

How to fix: The patrol touch button may have broken chip or poor chip reading eyes. Or it could be that the patrol node is not registered with the server system.


Error 2: what is guard patrol system? The light is dim because the battery is about to run out, signaling that it needs to be replaced

How to fix it: You can quickly charge it or you can replace it with a new battery. Note that it is advisable to read the user manual before replacing the battery.

Error 3: Unable to connect to the computer system because the cable of the USB cord is damaged, broken or the USB pin is dirty

How to fix it: In this case, it can be replaced with a new USB cord component. Or you can replace the USB socket on the security patrol timekeeper device

Error 4: Can't install software or can't open specialized software

→ How to fix: Because the computer has not installed the driver for the patrol machine. The device is only compatible with Windows 7 or later computers or can be run under admin rights. Right-click the software icon on the desktop and then select “Run as Administrator” to be able to run the software again.

Benefits of using guard patrol system

With specialized features, this line of timekeepers for security is currently being applied in places where a very high density of security is required. Typically: restaurants, hotels, banks, commercial centers, prisons, state agencies, .... Here are a few very notable benefits of this device that you should know about:

  • Help managers monitor areas online during patrolling.
  • Remind the security guards to patrol according to the schedule of the manager
  • There are many technological features so that the guard can receive and handle all possible situations.
  • Simple and easy access to data for timekeeping and payroll. So that the evaluation is the most fair
  • The most optimal savings for accountants and auditors for security guard salary control
  • All data information about patrolling activities is saved in the computer system.

Top 3 best-selling security patrol systems in the market

On the market, there are now many manufacturers of security patrol machines. What is guard patrol system? With a full range of models, types, features as well as prices. Therefore, choosing the right product makes many business owners a headache.

Therefore, below Huaguard will list the top 3 best-selling security patrol machines in the market. Hope to help you have more suggestions for your unit.

How to use guard patrol system?

Patrol security guards have a lot of duties, but how do we know if they're taking it seriously? How to know if an employee has patrolled the full number of times specified? Does the staff go to enough patrol points each time?... That will become simpler when we use the installation service of the patrol protection system.

What is guard patrol system 2021

Accordingly, when it is difficult to monitor security guards or want to prevent timely incidents such as fire, explosion, robbery, etc., the solution that many businesses and units choose is installation of patrol protection monitoring system.

Consulting service, installation of security patrol surveillance system was born based on those bases.

What are the benefits of guard patrol system??

What is guard patrol system? Consulting and installation of security patrol and surveillance systems for security companies as well as customers - businesses will bring the following basic benefits:

Service units and businesses that hire services can monitor and remind employees to perform patrols according to the most accurate time and process.

Contribute to the prevention of unforeseen risks such as fire, explosion, theft and other accidents, ...

On the side of the service provider, it helps to show the professionalism of the staff and the security company.

Security patrol system with compact, easy-to-use, safe and effective equipment does not cost too much.

Guard patrol system? Provides safety and convenience

In short, it can be understood that the patrol surveillance system is like a mobile timekeeper that the security company provides with its types of services along with enthusiastic advice on solutions, installation locations.

User manual to bring convenience and peace of mind to customers. Thanks to it, security guards will work more professionally; the goal of protection is safer.

Where is the best place for consulting and installing a security patrol system?

When choosing security services such as: security services for schools - hospitals , security services for offices - buildings , personal protection services - VIP security , etc., accompanied by consulting and installation services.

Setting up what is guard patrol system and surveillance system at our company, you will have a feeling of absolute peace of mind and safety. Why do we dare to say so?


System Devices patrol managed security guard:   Guard Tour / Patrol - The system allows Management Company to monitor the activities of security personnel to ensure that the protection of charge patrols under Pre-arranged patrol routes. Without such a guard monitoring system, there is no way to determine if the guards are actually doing their rounds on scheduled patrols.

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