Wenzhou Dongtou District People's Hospital

Wenzhou Dongtou District People’s Hospital

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Hospital belongs to the open place, the movement of personnel is large, easy to provide the wrongdoers with opportunities, so the security requirements are high, strict management, strong professionalism. At the same time, the patient belongs to the vulnerable group, in addition to the medical staff normal inspection time will also have an unexpected situation.

In order to ensure the safety and stability of hospitals, to ensure the physical health of medical personnel and the vast number of patients and the safety of life and property and normal medical order, to maintain social stability and unity, firmly establish hospital medical "safety first, prevention" guiding ideology, and effectively assume the responsibility of hospital management and protection of the safety of all personnel, to ensure the orderly development , The Wenzhou Dongtou District People's Hospital set a hospital safety inspection system. And introduced our real-time online inspection system to strengthen the safety inspection management.

The hospital installed checkpoints in the each rooms, wards, pharmacies, safe access, elevator mouth and other key inspection, patrolman carried handheld terminal and go for patrol in accordance with line patrol, the collected information was uploaded to the cloud server timely, timely push emergencies and missed information, the first time to deal with.

Solved trouble

Real-time online patrol can transmit data in real time, and automatically statistics reports, anytime, anywhere, using mobile phones, tablets, PCS to view. Can effectively solve the problem of management lag.

Through professional management, strengthen the hospital daily patrol inspection work, and effectively eliminate the initial, prevention, escort for the daily operation of the hospital

To ensure that patrolman can patrol on time, prevent damage, reduce accidents, form a strong deterrent to theft and damage to equal parts, and reduce the occurrence of hospital accidents.

Applied product

HUA guard tour system

Project introduction

Wenzhou Dongtou District People's Hospital is located in the beautiful environment, pleasant scenery, is currently the only 4 A-class tourist area named by county in the country, Dongtou Xincheng District, the hospital was founded in 1953, 2006 moved into the new urban area, covers an area of 35 acres. As a "level two a" General hospital, is the region's highest level of the only one level two a medical institution, is a national institution, including district hospitals, district "120" Emergency Center, District Medical Examination Center, District Skills Training Center.

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