The Application Case Of The Inspection Of The Thermal Company In Yaytai City

The Application Case Of The Inspection Of The Thermal Company In Yaytai City

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As the basic industry of society, heat is one of the most important energy sources in modern society. With the acceleration of China's urbanization process and the continuous development of market economy, the demand for thermoelectric power is rising, but there are many problems in the construction program demonstration and production and management of thermoelectric power.

Thermal equipment inspection work has been the production and management concern. However, due to the limitations of technical conditions, since the end of the 1980s, are the use of simple collectors, can only record inspection time or in a fixed format to record data, its data format is mostly text or early DBF, it is difficult to interface with the management information system, data can not be shared and function single, not easy to expand; There are many shortcomings and human factors in the traditional inspection work, such as leakage, omission, re-record and non-time inspection.

Modern equipment inspection work not only requires accurate inspection time, inspection point can not be omitted, but also requires the recording of equipment anomalies and defects, operating data, inspection data can be transmitted to the relevant system and download instruction information from the network. In order to ensure the good state of equipment, continuous, safe and reliable operation, the establishment of a set of advanced, scientific modern equipment inspection system is one of the necessary means.


HUA ELECTRONIC TECHNOLOGY LIMTEID as a professional intelligent inspection system research and development manufacturers, in recent years is committed to the development of intelligent inspection system can achieve abnormal points to achieve sound, images, video and other ways of recording storage functions, for the analysis of faults left timely and detailed information. In the scientific mobilization of personnel, more rational and efficient use of resources, cost savings and other aspects of play an important role, so that more and more management easier, free and efficient.

Yantai Thermal Company relies on Yantai Guotai Power Generation Co., Ltd. and Yantai thermal power plant two heat source units to the urban heating, heating capacity of 28 million square meters. In the production and operation of the company to achieve the heat exchange station intelligent, end-user information, production management system unified, standardized. In the inspection management mode has also been reformed, the use of Huiyou'an intelligent inspection system to ensure the standardization of inspection, digitalization, non-chemical, technical defense and human defense combined with the way of management.

By the system management platform statistics, analysis and evaluation, and generate all kinds of statistical analysis reports, through inspection in place reports to understand the inspection track of inspectors and inspection in place, through the status and parameters of the facility data reports can grasp, analysis of facilities operation, defect analysis.

During the inspection, the data is uploaded to the server in real time. Provide stoic handwriting entry function, input un-standard defects and phenomena into laptop that appears in scene but not exist in system defect database. In the event of equipment failure, video recording, audio recording and other multimedia records can be carried out, and real-time upload to the main control machine, and through mms message form timely notification of the corresponding professional. Application

Using situation

1. Upload location information in real time via GPS function

2. Automatic upload and archiving of inspection data greatly simplifies the inspection process

3. One-click alarm function, rapid handling of emergencies

4. Perfect data analysis function, a variety of data report output, easy to query

5. Quick and effective record of problems found on the spot, timely feedback, timely communication, timely handling

Project introduction

Yantai Thermal Company was founded in July 1994, under the Gas Thermal Corporation, state-owned enterprises. The government regulator is the heating office for the Yantai municipal government.

The company currently employs more than 300 people, under the development, engineering, production, management, safety technology, inspection, finance, integrated office and other 8 functional departments, 1 customer service center, 3 work areas and 1 pipeline, as of the end of 2016, with 203 heat exchange stations, 258 km heating pipe network, the agreement heating area of 22 million square meters, terminal heat users 200,000 households.

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