Suzhou High-tech Tram Co., Ltd. Tram Line No. 1

Suzhou High-tech Tram Co., Ltd. Tram Line No. 1

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Suzhou High-Tech Tram Co., Ltd., is directly under the MC of Suzhou Hi-tech Zone wholly-owned state-owned enterprises, was founded in April 2011. The company mainly undertakes high-tech zone tram engineering investment, construction, operation and comprehensive development business. Under: Office, Finance Department, engineering department, Equipment department, Operation department and other five departments. Suzhou High-tech zone tram line network planning a total of 6 lines, a total length of 80 kilometers, a total investment of about 12 billion yuan. At present, the company's main task is to fully promote the total length of 20 kilometers of Line 1 construction.

The high-tech zone has been researching and planning the tram project since September 2010 and completed its planning in December 2010. With the approval of the Suzhou government, a total of 6 lines were planned, with a total length of 80km. The overall positioning for the high-tech zone internal public transport backbone system, is the extension of rail transit, transition and replenishment, is to meet the demand for passenger flow, adapt to and guide the development of the city, display the characteristics of the new area of the ecological bus system.

Suzhou High-Tech Tram Co., Ltd. in mid-July 2014 in the form of bidding for external bidding, after strict contrast and all-round consideration, and finally our successful bid. According to the specific requirements provided by the company, due to the special environment of the company's use, there is a certain electromagnetic field interference. After comprehensive consideration, finally we recommended the company with contact guard patrol system HUA-101T.

The company mainly uses the patrol equipment for engineering department, Equipment department and Operation department and other major departments. According to the response of the leaders concerned, due to the lack of viewing, your company's outdoor air conditioners have been stolen, which has also aroused the great attention of the leadership. After all the work is ready, the company purchased 33 sets of patrol equipment at the end of July 2014, which includes 765 checkpoints. for the inspection of machine room equipment, maintenance and other situations of patrolling, timely detection and resolution of problems.

By mid-August 2014, after our return visit to the company, after the patrol system put into use, the enthusiasm of the staff has been greatly improved, equipment maintenance situation has been greatly improved, due to the normal patrolling is not timely and not in place caused by the theft of equipment has also been resolved, To the company's management of China to bring great convenience.

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