Shenzhen Famous Scenic Area, Sea Garden Re-purchased Our Super Anti-smash Guard Tour System Hua-101x

Shenzhen Famous Scenic Area, Sea Garden Re-purchased Our Super Anti-smash Guard Tour System Hua-101x

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Shenzhen Sea Garden Tourist area is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, Baoan shajing, located in the Pearl River estuary in western Shenzhen, an area of 1.73 million square meters. The Sea garden is the national agricultural Tourism Demonstration Point, Shenzhen Green scenic spot. Tourist areas in the lake, river gushing crisscross, dense forests all over, green grass. Mangrove forest, Reed and Sankey fish pond in the bird fly fish jump; The park Four Seasons Blossom, fresh air, beautiful environment.

The Sea garden is based on the subtropical coastal wetland ecosystem at the Pearl River Port, which integrates tourism, leisure vacation, conference training and ecological Science popularization, and turns a coastal beach into a tourist attraction with charming landscape and changeable layout.

Sea Garden set up the base Pond Garden, Happy World, eco-resort and other ten scenic spots, set sightseeing tours, leisure vacation, conference training, ecological science, fitness and other functions in one. Eco-Resort has more than 200 rooms, supporting a variety of specifications of meeting rooms and entertainment, fitness services, Mingyue Building, the Lake building to provide Chinese and Western food and beverage services, its raw materials are mainly from the park lake self-raised fish, shrimp, crabs and garden vegetable growing

As the scenic spot is a public occasion, the daily visitor flow rate are very large, the passenger's personal and property safety issues, has become the scenic spot concerned leaders and responsible people's primary concern. After many comparisons and comprehensive consideration, the scenic spot finally selected our Super anti-smash waterproof patrol system HUA-101X. According to the characteristics of the scenic spot, after discussion of the security Department, installed checkpoints in places with many hidden security problem. And require security patrol personnel to carry out regular fixed-point inspection of these points, timely detection and resolution of problems, for the passenger's personal and property safety to provide the most effective protection.

Now, it is with our patrol system as a supervision and management, patrol personnel in the work before the phenomenon of laziness and neglect of duty has been greatly improved, but also to the department's managers have brought great convenience, so that management into scientific and standardized.

We will certainly uphold the mission of their own enterprises, and strive for breakthroughs and innovation, for more users to bring convenience!

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