Reasons to Upgrade Your Guard Patrol Tour System

Reasons to Upgrade Your Guard Patrol Tour System

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Despite all the technological advancements, we still use people using the old guard patrol system. This system has a lot of disadvantages and problems. It's a highly inconvenient and complicated guard patrol tour system. As everything is transitioning from older ways to newer and more advanced ways. There is a need to change the old guard patrol tour system to the newer more advanced technology of guard petrol tour system. This is because times have changed, the world is transitioning in every aspect. there is a need to improve the guard patrol tour system. We need to upgrade and switch from paper to software.

If you don't know what a Guard patrol tour system is, it is a system through which you keep on the guards that do the patrol tours on your facility. You will want to know whether the guard did a proper tour of the facility without skipping any part of the facility. This is because often the guards become lazy and take advantage of the fact that no one is keeping an eye on them. Therefore, the guard patrol tour system helps you keep an eye on the guards. But there are many ways or methods of the guard patrol tour system, some are older while others are newer advanced ways.

Guard patrol tour system

The Drawbacks of Older Methods

The old ways would require the guards to carry papers or notebooks with them to write the daily reports and submit. One of the old ways of guard patrol tour system is the watchman’s clock system. There are many drawbacks of still using that system. The system has a key station on every location the guard needs to check, these are the checkpoints for the guards. however, there is only a limited number of key stations possible. the paper dial used for this must also be changed every day, which is an inconvenience.

This type of system does not provide real-time reporting of the guard’s activity either. There is a limitation, you cannot create automatic reports or provide incident codes for informing about unusual activities in real-time. A lot of paper dial storage can also be a problem. There is an immense need to change from paper to software.

The upgraded petrol guard tour system with advanced technology is a much simpler, efficient, and convenient process of petrol guard tour system. The first thing to notice in this system is that there is no paper involved. Data is not stored in paper format, nor is a need for the guard to carry notebooks that were required for writing down the report. Additionally, there are many other features that make this system so much better than the older petrol guard tour system.

Why you Should Upgrade your Petrol Guard Tour System?

There are many reasons why you need to change your old guard patrol tour system to the newer advanced one. Let’s look at all the reasons why you should upgrade your petrol car tour system.

Less time-consuming and less tiring

The guard tour system lets you Switch all the mechanical parts of the old system to the new electric system. This is easier, efficient, and time-saving. Do you know how much work labor it is to write several reports after every tour and checking of all those reports, then storing them? It’s so time-consuming and hard work. With the new petrol guard tour system, you don’t need to write a long report or check them.

Easy to use technology

All that you need is, for the guards and other people at the facility to know how to work with technology. If they don’t, it’s not a problem, with just one or two training sessions, they will get the hang of it. This is because the system and the devices are simple and efficient, thus ensuring that the process lacks any sort of complications.

Real-time communication

Delivering real-time information becomes effective and efficient. Unlike the older ways, in the new petrol guard tour system, the guards can confirm their presence at a facility and report for any unusual activity in real-time. This is very quick and easy because it’s done through devices that are easy to use. Just a click or a code and you can easily notify whatever you want.

Oftentimes, the manufacturers have their own software and app through which all the guards can stay connected to the system. This makes communication even more quick and easy. This way guards can do real-time checking and recording.

Software or app

The software or app has a lot of advantages. The software will allow to the system become automated. You will only need to set up everything once like the schedules or each guard. The data will automatically be stored in databases, from which you can easily retrieve any data you want, this will eliminate human errors. It’s much better and time-saving to retrieve data from the database than to look it up in the stacks of paper.

GPS technology

The GPS’s combination with the petrol guard tour system is a very beneficial one! It will allow you to check the real-time locations of the guards. This is obviously a much better way to keep a check on the guard. If we compare this to the paperwork, the guard may lie or fool you, you never know!

Remote management

The best part is that you don’t even need to be present at the facility to keep a check on your guards. You can easily manage your guard tour system remotely through the software and applications. This will prevent any sort of betrayal from the guards. You can keep a check on if the guards are staying in their places, doing their tours timely, not skipping any part of the facility, and so on.

Eliminate the long, hard, and time-consuming tasks with the help of a patrol guard tour system. You must have by now understood the importance of upgrading the patrol guard tour system. If you are interested in buying a guard tour system, then check out our website!

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