touch guard tour system-101T
touch guard tour system-101T

Touch Probe Guard Tour System – Highly Durable

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The most typical touch probe guard tour system, reading tag by touch between the reader and tag. Download data via USB cable and data downloader.

  • EXW Price: US $75-100/Piece
  • MOQ: 1 Piece
  • Supply Ability: 10000 Piece/Pieces per Month
  • Port: Shenzhen
  • Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union, Credit Card, Apply Pay
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Touch Probe Guard Tour System - Highly Durable

Touch Probe Guard Tour System plays an important role for security guards for automating their jobs. It allow the owner to verify the security guard performance.


1. Unique low voltage design, 3.6V lithium battery, 20mA, can support 700, 000 readings continuously.
2. Durable alloy case that resist drops, erosion and waterproof, stainless steel contactor.
3. Built-in silicone rubber coat, shock resistant and waterproof, internal circuit board epoxy hardened,
4. Additionally it has a capability to bear harsh weathers. From low to high temperature it can bother any temperature.
5. One-time storage capacity of up to 10, 000 recordings
6. Best thing about this gadget is that you will not loss any data incase of no power.
7. It also contains LED and buzzer to prompt success read.
8. Besides all above features, special design prevent repeated readings.
9. Incase of  low power or full storage it will start alerting you with the help of automatic alarm.
10. Last but the most important feature of it is that you can use it in noisy and night environment.


Touch Probe Guard Tour System

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Physical Durable alloy case that resist drops, erosion and waterproof, stainless steel contactor. Builtin silicone rubber coat, shock resistant and waterproof, internal circuit board epoxy hardened, suitable used in harsh environment.
Storage Capacity 10, 000 recordings
Communication USB, data downloader
Battery 3.6V Lithium battery,
Prompt Mode Light&Buzzer
Dimension 135*41*22mm

Data downloader

Dimension 10*10*3.5 (cm)
Weight 140g
Material Alloy
Power 6V, 50HZ
Operating temperature -400C~900C
Function Communicate with the computer via USB connector, high-speed, stable transmission and data transfer.


Type: 1990A-TM Button, global unique ID (unmodifiable)
Physical: Electronic chip stored in the stainless steel case that is water-resistant. strong & durable. Install on wall or equipment etc as a checkpoint. Entire stainless steel body, great concealed, waterproof, Life span>20 years


Physical: Electronic chip stored in the stainless steel case water-resistant. strong & durable. Used as patrolman identification.

Event Wallet

The patrolman can record different events during their patrol with reading the equivalent event tags. the event wallet consists of a leather jacket and 8 pcs tags.

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