CNPC Hubei Yichang Sales Branch To Use Our Petroleum And Petrochemical Explosion-proof Guard Patrol System

CNPC Hubei Yichang Sales Branch To Use Our Petroleum And Petrochemical Explosion-proof Guard Patrol System

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CNPC is the largest oil and gas producer and distributor in China's oil and gas industry, one of the largest sales companies in China and one of the world's largest oil companies. PetroChina is a joint stock limited company established by China Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) and established on November 5, 1999 in accordance with the company law and the special provisions of the State Council on the Overseas Collection and listing of joint stock limited companies. The United States depositary Shares and H shares issued by PetroChina were listed on the New York Stock Exchange Limited and the stock exchange of Hong Kong Limited on April 6, 2000 and April 7 respectively (New York Stock Exchange ADS code PTR, shares code 857 of the Stock exchange of Hong Kong), Listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange on November 5, 2007 (Stock code 601857).

China Petroleum Corporation Hubei Yichang Sales Branch, in March 2014 at the end of the purchase of our 2 sets of petroleum and petrochemical explosion-proof special patrol HUA-101 patrol system for trial. One of the systems includes patrol stick, patrolman button, checkpoint, event tag, and software. For PetroChina, a more special environment, our company is equipped with a metal-proof checkpoints, installed on the surface of different instruments and equipment, fully guarantee the success of the card reading. After the introduction of our patrol system, each patrolman are equipped with patrolman tag, the phenomenon of pre-punching attendance is greatly reduced, but also a good supervision of the quality of the work of patrol personnel, to provide their enthusiasm for work. Combined with software, timely check the attendance of patrol personnel and the quality of work, but also make the management of the company's management more scientific and standardized.

In addition, we have provided the company with event tags. Patrolman in the course of patrol, if found to have special circumstances, can be recorded in a timely manner, timely reflection of the situation, so that the problems that arise have been resolved in a timely manner.

By the end of May 2014, the company has added 8 sets of oil and petrochemical explosion-proof guard patrol system HUA-101, more than 100 checkpoints, the scope of use further expanded.

The customer's affirmation of us is our driving force forward. We will continue to strive for new breakthroughs, to bring more convenience to more customers.

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