The Using And Features Of Other Guard Tour Systems

The Using And Features Of Other Guard Tour Systems

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After the patroller carried the patrol reader to complete the patrol task, the patrol reader should be returned to the supervisor, the supervisor will connected the reader with computer with management software. Software will show the route of patrol, time and name of each arrived checkpoint and missed checkpoint, then generate patrol report for supervisor to assess patrolmen according to requirements. The electronic guard patrol system has the following characteristics:

1. High reliability: The guard patrol stick is made of stainless steel, rugged and durable, anti-fall and shock-proof, anti-static, waterproof. Fully applicable to the patrol application environment. Non-volatile memory is used in the inspection rods to ensure that the data is not lost. Even power outage data can be kept for several years.

2. High technical content: guard patrol stick with built-in microcomputer and real-time clock, can store 60,000 patrol records, low power design makes the patrol stick without charging device, a battery can be used for more than one year, low cost of use. Another advantage of this design is that it is guaranteed that there will be no program operation failure.

3. Easy to use: no switch and button, it can be used without training. The software uses a full-English menu, easy to learn and operate

4. Checkpoint is easy to set: The information button of checkpoint is sealed by stainless steel. Waterproof, shockproof, anti-magnetic, High and low temperature resistance, no need power, and with low cost, easy to install. Whether in terms of environmental adaptability or value for money, it is the preferred inspection point.

5. High cost performance, simple application, superb technology, low price.

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