New Measures For Security Management Of Edong Healthcare Group Central Hospital

New Measures For Security Management Of Edong Healthcare Group Central Hospital

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Hospital is an important place to save lives, not only to provide patients with quality medical services, but also to ensure the property and personal safety of patients and medical personnel. With the continuous improvement of hospital management system, the orderly development of hospital safety and security work has become one of the important guarantees for the long-term development of hospitals. And the hospital security work involves a wide range, the workload is large, therefore has many problems, finds the reasonable and effect.

In order to ensure the safety and stability of hospitals, to ensure the physical health of medical personnel and the vast number of patients and the safety of life and property and normal medical order, to maintain social stability and unity, firmly establish hospital medical "safety first, prevention" guiding ideology, and effectively assume the responsibility of hospital management and protection of the safety of all personnel, to ensure the orderly development, Edong Healthcare Central Hospital introduced our intelligent guard tour system, can scientifically improve the quality of Inspector's work, effective hospital inspectors to carry out centralized management, mobilize the enthusiasm of inspectors.

Application situation

1. In management software, set patrol area, route, install checkpoints, divide patrolmen into 3 groups, one person from each of 3 groups carried out patrol work together with security section per day.

2. Except go for patrol at fix time and locations for 24 hours per day, they should also check key departments. To eliminate all possible safety risks; to effectively implement all safety and security measures in hospitals, to strengthen the patrol of outpatient and sick areas with high incidence of shoplifting cases, and to carry out anti-theft reminders for workers and patients in the ward.

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