Shenzhen Hazardous Waste Treatment Station Co., Ltd. Uses Mini Guard Patrol System

Shenzhen Hazardous Waste Treatment Station Co., Ltd. Uses Mini Guard Patrol System

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Shenzhen hazardous waste Treatment Station Co., Ltd. was established in April 1988, for the Shenzhen municipal government to invest in the construction, China's first professional body to deal with hazardous waste, responsible for the city's industrial hazardous waste collection, transportation, comprehensive utilization, safe disposal tasks and external to undertake industrial "three wastes" governance projects of technical advice, Engineering services and environmental protection facilities Operation services.   

At present, Treatment Station Co., Ltd. receives the treatment of hazardous waste types up to 33 categories, annual receiving waste disposal and comprehensive utilization capacity of 350,000 tons. 1999 by the State Environmental Protection Administration as the first batch of environmental protection facilities operating qualification units. In the same year, through the ISO14000 Environmental Management system certification. 2003 won the "China Environmental protection industry backbone Enterprise" and "Shenzhen high-tech Enterprise" title, 2005 won the "Guangdong Province Cleaner Production enterprise" title.

Over the past 20 years, the Processing Station Co., Ltd. has adhered to the principle of "reduction, recycling and harmless" of waste disposal, taken the road of promoting the development of environmental protection industry by science and technology, achieved better social, environmental and economic benefits, contributed to the improvement and maintenance of the environmental quality of Shenzhen, and created a suitable for the actual "waste treatment, Waste, comprehensive utilization, safe disposal, "the development of the road. The scope of business mainly includes:

  • Collection, transportation, comprehensive utilization, treatment and disposal of industrial hazardous waste.
  • Technical consulting, engineering design and construction services for environmental engineering.
  • Environmental Facilities Operation Services.
  • Marketing of water treatment agents and environmental protection equipment.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the company's equipment, on-time inspection and maintenance is very necessary. Inspection operators must be in place in time to eliminate hidden dangers. Because the operators have to carry more tools, coupled with a better patrol, will undoubtedly bring inconvenience to their homework. After a wide range of comparative selection and comprehensive consideration, in early September 2014 the company used our mini guard patrol system HUA-101M. Because mini guard tour reader is lighter and smaller and powerful, it can be carried around the neck with a lanyard, which is more suitable for use by the operator.

HUA guard patrol system aimed at the customer's patrol management work, to bring convenience, scientific. We will not live a mission, so that security management is no longer empty talk!

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