Hua Guard Tour System Was Introduced To Guangzhou Zhonghe Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.

Hua Guard Tour System Was Introduced To Guangzhou Zhonghe Automobile Trading Co., Ltd.

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Guangzhou Automobile Trading Co., Ltd. is invested by Lianzhong automobile sales Service (China) Co., Ltd., formerly operating Hainan Mazda (4S) store, was built in mid-May 2009 for Guangzhou Fanyu District franchise Bell brand car 4S shop. United Automobile Sales & amp; service (China) Co., Ltd. is a member of Citic Tai Fu Group Hong Kong Dachang Group Holdings-Hong Kong United Automobile Co., Ltd. in the domestic investment and construction of Isuzu (qingling) automobile 4s franchise, is the first approved CEPA after the signing of the China, engaged in the automotive retail business of wholly foreign-owned enterprises, It is also the first foreign-owned enterprise to be established in the field of automobile retailing since China opened to the outside world Opened.

On October 25, 2006 in Huangpu, Guangzhou, specializing in Isuzu, Qingfeng brand car, the company covers an area of 10,000 square meters, the existing staff of more than 300 people, in Guangzhou Fanyu District, Nansha District, Huadu District, Jieyang, Fuzhou with branches and subsidiaries respectively. Companies follow the "customer first, people-oriented" business purposes and management concepts, and strive to pursue customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, social satisfaction of the harmonious realm.

In order to strengthen the company's safety management and increase the enthusiasm of security personnel, the company introduced guard patrol system of a certain brand in June 2014. After less than a year of use, the previous guard patrol system has been unable to use, so the company decided to introduce guard patrol system of other brands.

After a multi-party comparison and comprehensive consideration, our company with true technical strength and full customer case persuasion, won the trust and choice of customers. At present, our guard patrol system has been put into use in the company, and the operating state is stable, normal, won the praise of customers!

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