Nanhai Grain And Oil Group Uses Our Intelligent Patrol Inspection System

Nanhai Grain And Oil Group Uses Our Intelligent Patrol Inspection System

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Shenzhen Nanhai Grain Industry Co., Ltd. is a large grain processing enterprise jointly invested by Yi Hai Kerry Group, Lassiter Limited, China Nanshan Development (Group) Co., Ltd., Shunde Grain and oil purchase and Sale Co., Ltd., and AWBLIMITED, Australia, with a total investment of 26.6 million U.S. dollars. The company has an annual design and processing capacity of 200,000 tons of wheat flour mill and annual production of 150,000 tons of feed feed factory, at the same time, equipped with storage capacity of 50,000 tons of silo group and storage capacity of 5000 tons of finished warehouse.

Its special working environment highlights, in particular, the importance of safety. In order to standardize safety production management, improve the management of safe production personnel, improve the safety factor of safe production, introduced our intelligent guard inspection management system.

As a large-scale grain processing base, its timing inspection of equipment and warehouse safety management is very important, after a number of product comparison, in August 2014, the official use of the our explosion-proof guard patrol inspection system, its important equipment in the processing plant area and warehouse installation patrol information point, security personnel only need to carry the patrol device and go for patrol in accordance with the inspection requirements. In the event of an emergency, the inspector can resolve the situation in the scene in a timely manner, which not only ensures the normal operation of the equipment and the safety management of the warehouse, but also avoids unnecessary losses.

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