Nantong Saifu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Hired Our "Intelligent Electronic Security Guard"

Nantong Saifu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Hired Our “Intelligent Electronic Security Guard”

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Nantong Saifu Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a scientific research and development, technical advice, Ⅰ, Ⅱ, Ⅲ pressure vessels, chemical equipment and grease chemical engineering complete sets of design, manufacturing and installation, steel structure engineering and foreign trade as one of the specialized companies, widely for chemical, thermal, mechanical, construction and other fields to provide technical support and project services.

The company has strong technical force exquisite manufacturing technology, complete processing equipment, perfect detection means. Gathered a variety of welding equipment, automatic pipe plate welding machine, CNC Pipe board drilling machines, CNC plasma cutting and laser cutting and other advanced equipment, with the production of steel structure of a full set of automatic production lines, in addition to the necessary physical and chemical testing and X-ray nondestructive testing, pressure-resistant gas tightness test and other equipment, heat treatment, sandblasting blasting rust room and painting In order to ensure product quality provides a strong guarantee, long-term with a number of universities at home and abroad to maintain technical cooperation, and strive for advanced technology.

The company has been adhering to the "Quality first, customer first" business purposes, in May 2015, the introduction of our Intelligent Patrol Management system, the scientific use of each patrol route and patrolman corresponding to the patrol time and patrol location corresponding to the strict assessment of each patrol personnel on each line of the patrol situation. Improve the efficiency of patrol personnel, give full play to their subjective initiative. So that the security management means to a new level, effectively solve the previous existence of the company's equipment failure and delay to find the problem, solve the problem.

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