Intelligent electronic patrol inspection: design plan

Intelligent electronic patrol inspection: design plan

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Zhonganhui intelligent electronic patrol inspection design plan

Intelligent electronic patrol inspection

I. Introduction
The electronic hand-held patrol terminal system is the most effective, scientific, and coordinated system of technical defense and civil defense to realize the supervision and management of whether the patrol personnel follow the specified route and patrol the specified location within the specified time. Its main features It can help improve the sense of responsibility and enthusiasm of patrol staff, eliminate hidden dangers in time, and prevent them before they happen.

The electronic handheld patrol terminal system is an important part of the security protection technology system. It is an advanced comprehensive management system. It requires the patrol personnel to be in place in time and accurately. At the same time, it records all or part of the patrol situation of the patrol personnel. It also provides convenient conditions and important basis for the handling of certain emergencies in the future.

The electronic handheld patrol terminal system requires patrol personnel to arrive in time and accurately. Because only the timely and accurate presence of personnel can quickly respond to damage and sabotage, and at the same time have a strong psychological deterrent effect on saboteurs; and the timely and accurate presence of personnel can detect hidden dangers in time, prevent damage, and reduce accidents. It is a very important preventive measure for patrols. Therefore, it is particularly important to ensure the normal operation of inspection work through patrols.

2. The necessity of system design

At present, more traditional recording methods such as early personnel identification or leadership spot checks are generally used for patrol work. With the development of the times, its drawbacks have become more and more obvious. This patrol method has poor reliability, low efficiency, insufficient authenticity, and is easy to cheat. It is not easy for managers to accurately grasp the working conditions of patrol personnel.

TV surveillance systems are now installed in most places. Most people think that with TV monitoring, installing an electronic handheld patrol terminal is a repetitive investment. This is not the case in reality. Television monitoring is often complementary to electronic handheld patrol terminals. The following is a description of the advantages of the use of TV monitoring and electronic handheld patrol terminals:

1. TV monitoring can only produce evidence after the event, and because patrol personnel must go to the specified place for inspection at the specified time, some hidden dangers can be discovered in time, which can wipe out what is about to happen at a certain moment in the bud.

2. As a manager, you want to know the daily work situation of patrol personnel through TV monitoring, so you can only check the video every day, which is time-consuming, laborious and tiring! As long as the electronic handheld patrol terminal system is processed by computer software, you can check the inspection status of the inspectors at a glance, making your work easier!

3. Managers can’t control the sleeping, leaving, and punctuality of patrol personnel at night. Electronic patrols can easily solve the problems. Only when patrol personnel actually move according to the leadership’s requirements can the hidden dangers of the accident be discovered in time and carried out in time. Disposal.

4. TV monitoring cannot detect smoke and fog in time, and the service life of the smoke sensor may exceed its design life, and the smoke sensor often has false alarms and malfunctions. With the electronic handheld patrol terminal, the patrol personnel can be in place in time, and the hidden fire hazard can be discovered in time, and the occurrence of fire accidents can be prevented!

5. TV surveillance will eventually have areas where the field of vision is too low (commonly known as "dead spots"), and many criminals conduct illegal activities outside the scope of the monitor's field of vision. The electronic handheld patrol terminal system can enable patrol personnel to conduct timely inspections of these blind spots, thereby greatly reducing the incidence of accidents in TV monitoring blind spots.

6. The electronic inspection management system requires inspection personnel to be in place in time to improve the management level to a new level

Intelligent electronic patrol inspection

3. Comparison of several technologies

Judging from the aforementioned handheld patrol terminal system, there are currently three types of patrol management: sign-in, spot check, and electronic handheld patrol terminal management system.
Sign in:

The advantage of sign-in is that the investment is small, but the disadvantage is that the authenticity and reliability are not high, and the supplies used for sign-in are generally highly vulnerable, which causes high consumption during use. This method is prone to cheating, and historical data is not easy to save. The data may be lost or damaged during transmission. The post-analysis of historical data mainly relies on artificial perceptual analysis of check-in forms.

Leader spot check:

The advantage of the leadership spot check is that the leader can do the spot check on his own and can understand the working conditions of the patrol personnel at the time, but its authenticity and reliability are not very high. This is because patrol personnel can find that the leader is performing spot checks through the original TV monitoring system of the community, so that they can make the appearance of serious work during the time of the leader spot check; the biggest disadvantage of this method is the low probability and the limited number of spot checks by the leader. The quality of work in the rest of the time cannot be guaranteed, let alone the preservation and transmission of historical data and the analysis and processing of historical data.

Electronic handheld patrol terminal:

The electronic handheld patrol terminal system is a handheld patrol terminal electronic sign-in system that integrates the most cutting-edge science and technology, faithfully fulfills the duties of patrol management, incorporates cutting-edge encryption technology, and data is not easy to change, making patrol management more scientific and more standardized. Compared with the traditional check-in method, it has great advantages and is an inevitable alternative to the traditional check-in method.

The induction hand-held patrol terminal system adopts induction card technology and wireless communication without contact, which provides better protection for the card and is not easy to be destroyed. Using advanced RFID technology, and information button sensing to read information, superb technology, extremely low power consumption, easy to miniaturize, waterproof, shockproof design, suitable for security and outdoor workers.

Comparison of traditional sign-in mode and electronic handheld patrol terminal mode:

Traditional check-in method Electronic handheld patrol terminal mode
Materials used Wearable items such as pens and paper, need to be replaced regularly The patrol stick and the information button are not easy to be damaged, and the service life is more than 5 years.。
Installation work Simple, fixed iron box, easy to damage easy installation
Operation method The process is cumbersome and easy to cheat Read the information button, easy to operate, no cheating
Application method The carrier of manual collection of records is collected, the competent department collects the records, and the results are obtained through subjective analysis of people, and the problems cannot be responded to in time, and the collection and processing are sensitive and trivial. Connect the handheld patrol terminal stick to the computer, the software automatically collects data, and conducts scientific and reasonable analysis and processing to respond to problems in a timely manner.
Management method Easy to cheat, subjective factors have great influence Objective and truthful, is the basis for attendance and evaluation
Summary: The comparison shows that the electronic handheld patrol terminal system is better in several aspects. In terms of cost: the information button used in large quantities is low in cost, while the manual recording paper and the installed iron box are costly and easy to lose. In terms of management, the traditional method requires a lot of labor and has achieved little effect. However, the electronic handheld patrol terminal is based on high-tech, more scientific, and more advanced applications of this technology to all fields of society.

In summary, the electronic handheld patrol terminal management system is unmatched by the former two in terms of authenticity, reliability, or safety and convenience of transmission. The advantages of electronic patrols are particularly prominent in the processing and analysis of historical data. The software of the Zhonganhui patrol code electronic handheld patrol terminal can be set up with a planning function, which can compare historical data with planned data, and can automatically generate patrol reports for patrol personnel , Can make the manager know the working status of the patrol personnel at a glance.

4. System design and basis

The electronic handheld patrol terminal management system is composed of electronic handheld patrol terminal sticks, wireless handheld patrol terminal points, and intelligent management software. Each part contains more specific equipment or components.

The goal of the handheld patrol terminal system is to be able to be in place in time and accurately, and the reliability, efficiency, and authenticity of the historical records provided are much higher than the check-in and spot checks. Shenzhen Zhongan Hui Patrol Code Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. insisted on relying on the technology market, combined with the actual situation of social patrols, and after sufficient demonstration, developed the Zhongan Hui Patrol Code Electronic Handheld Patrol Terminal System, determined the handheld patrol terminal point and set The patrol route has been improved, a series of software development from patrol to supervision and assessment have been improved, a scientific and reasonable patrol prevention and control network with high coverage has been constructed, and the problems existing in the traditional patrol mechanism have been better solved, and obvious results have been achieved. The effect of the initial realization of no blind spot prevention.

The electronic handheld patrol terminal has been rigorously tested by the Safety and Electronic Product Quality Inspection Center of the Ministry of Public Security of the People’s Republic of China in an environment with a temperature of 25 degrees Celsius and a humidity of 57% RH. It has undergone visual inspection, enclosure mechanical strength and rigidity inspection, and enclosure protection rating. Comprehensive inspection of inspection, collector function inspection, transmission function inspection, reminder function inspection, stability test, electrical strength inspection, radiation sensitivity inspection, electrostatic discharge sensitivity inspection, maximum surface temperature inspection, free drop test and many other comprehensive inspections All are qualified. The electronic handheld patrol terminal management system is used to patrol the equipment. Once damage, theft, fire, etc. are found, the patrol personnel will be in place in time and accurately, discover in time, report to the police, and deal with it in time, saving to a certain extent A lot of manpower and material resources.

5, the technical characteristics of the electronic handheld patrol terminal system

Electronic handheld patrol terminal products make the work of inspectors more convenient and efficient. Inspection products must be maintenance-free and cleaning-free, so that they can be used by inspectors. Therefore, Zhonganhui patrol code automatic inductive handheld patrol is recommended. Change the terminal inspection management system.

Working principle of induction inspection system:

The inductive handheld patrol terminal system is mainly the application of radio frequency identification technology (RFID) in the handheld patrol terminal system. Its advantage is that it does not need to touch the information button to read data: when the handheld patrol terminal personnel arrive at the handheld patrol terminal point, as long as the handheld patrol terminal is close to the information button, the handheld patrol terminal can automatically detect the information Click the information and automatically record it. Since the reading button does not need to be touched, the information point button can be buried in a more concealed object, such as a wall, which fundamentally solves the problem of the information button being destroyed.


First install the handheld patrol terminal point on the route or equipment of the patrol work area, set the ID number of the handheld patrol terminal point to "the actual installation site name" through the management software, and then set the ID number of the personnel card correspondingly Set the corresponding patrol time (patrol plan) through the system software according to the actual patrol management requirements. Then send the handheld patrol terminal stick to the patrol personnel. The patrol personnel hold the handheld patrol terminal stick to reach the designated handheld patrol terminal point, and use the handheld patrol terminal stick to sense the handheld patrol terminal point. It will automatically record the name of the location and the time of arrival. After the patrol, the patrol data in the handheld patrol terminal stick will be uploaded to the management center through the USB data cable. The inspection report is counted by day, month, and year, which provides managers with a scientific and effective evaluation basis.

Intelligent management software is the "brain" and "heart" of the entire system, and the command center that realizes the functions of the entire system. The main functions of the intelligent management software include: setting of inspection site name and corresponding button number, data reading, browsing of historical data, setting of inspection plan, and implementation of inspection plan. The intelligent software uses Chinese menus, and the operation is simple and easy to use. The intelligent management software can understand the actual inspection situation of the inspectors at a glance through the preservation of historical records and the analysis of the plan implementation report, and it can also provide a realistic basis for the distinction of related responsibilities afterwards.

Inductive handheld patrol terminal

First name Picture Technology Special Points
Handheld Patrol Terminal Stick




Handheld Patrol Terminal Stick

1. Shell structure: super alloy shell, all-round silicone inner packaging, hexagon socket bolts fixed, waterproof sealing ring at the joint.

2. Large-capacity storage: It can store 60,000 inspection records, read the card 600 times a day, can store more than 6 months of data, and can be stored cyclically, and there will be no data loss due to the failure of the handheld patrol terminal.

3. USB communication: USB communication mode is adopted, no need to install USB driver, plug and play, super fast data download speed, USB direct charging, convenient and practical.

4. Card reading prompt: the time will be displayed on the screen after reading the card. After the normal card reading is completed, there will be sound, light or vibration or light prompt.

5. Length x width x height: 160x45x20

6. Weight: 185g

7. Capacity: 16MB

Communication line



Function: Communicate with computer via USB, which can transfer and convert data stably and quickly.

Patrol point



Patrol point





The Philips chip is packaged and stored, which is waterproof, shockproof, pry-proof, easy to install, durable, comes with luminous, reminder labels and other functions. Built-in unmodifiable ID code, ID card serial number has global uniqueness, handheld patrol terminal, luminous, identification three-in-one function, used to identify the patrol location


Staff button


Staff button The encapsulated and stored Philips chip is waterproof, shockproof, anti-drop, easy to carry and durable. Built-in unmodifiable ID code, ID card serial number is globally unique, used to identify the name of the staff.
Handheld Patrol Terminal Management Software



Good man-machine Chinese interface, support Windows98 system or higher, can set route, carry out plan setting, scheduling, plan assessment, and print report.

7. System Maintenance and Warranty

The company's service tenet is to dedicate advanced technology and high-quality service to users. For equipment problems, we will deal with them in a timely manner to ensure the operation of users in their systems.

The specific rules are as follows:

Free maintenance for quality problems within five years. If there is a quality problem within one month, replace with a new product

Zhonganhui Company will provide free technical support for the purchaser's installation, and provide long-term remote operation training, patrol inspection operation training, software operation and hardware operation training, and perfect after-sales service. The company provides free maintenance services for damage to products or parts caused by external accidents or improper use by customers. The freight charges shall be borne by the user. The battery is a consumable product, and the service promise: free replacement for quality problems within one year, and charge at the cost price after one year. After the warranty period, the cost of spare parts will be charged at preferential prices, and batteries will be provided at preferential prices throughout the year for lifetime maintenance.

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