Hua Waterproof Anti-fall Guard Tour System Hua-101 Lets The "Sea Realm" Management Level A Step Higher

Hua Waterproof Anti-fall Guard Tour System Hua-101 Lets The “Sea Realm” Management Level A Step Higher

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Shenzhen and Yue Property Management Co., Ltd. was founded in January 1996, now has about 1000 employees, management properties covering office buildings, commercial and residential buildings, large housing estates, business and other types of property, regional radiation to Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Changchun, Dalian and other places, in the tube of the total entrustment project has more than 30, Management area of 6.5 million square meters, the main items are: Shenzhen Sea Realm home, Shenzhen Oriental Rose Garden, Pacific Trade Building, South China Sea Rose Garden One, second, rainbow Xindu, hundred flowers apartment, deep prospecting building, Huayu Garden, Jingli Garden, Hua Industry rose County; Beijing Huayi Rose Oriental, Huayi International Center, Oriental Rose Garden, Dalian Rose Oriental and Changchun Rose Valley and so on.

In addition, the company has also undertaken Qinhuangdao Xinxin home, Chongqing Hengtong Qinghe Bay, Qinhuangdao tomorrow Star City and other large residential quarters of the signing of advisory services. In 1998, the company won the Shenzhen first Class A property management enterprise qualification, and in 2003 obtained the Ministry of Construction issued the national level of property Management Enterprise qualification, is China Property Management Association executive Director Unit and Shenzhen Property Management association governing units.

The company's requirements for guard patrol system products are very high, the product must be waterproof and anti-fall, the software operation is easy to understand. Our waterproof anti-fall guard patrol system HUA-101 is fully in line with customer requirements, and on-site demonstration of the effect of reading card under water, after being free dropped it can still normally read card, so let customers see for real.

By the end of May this year, the company's Haijingjie Home property, has been fully put into use of our waterproof anti-fall guard patrol system HUA-101. Let the occupant enjoy more peace of mind, satisfactory service at the same time, but also let the management level of the community is to enhance a step!

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