Hua Real-time Online Patrol Machine Instructions

Hua Real-time Online Patrol Machine Instructions

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Patrol device security patrol inspection of important auxiliary equipment, HUA dedicated two years of research and development of real-time online patrol system once published by the industry is widely praised, and is widely used in the safety management work of each industry. But some patrol personnel will abandon because of improper use, master the correct use of patrol more machine, can make security work twice the result with half the effort.

How to teach you the correct use of HUA real-time online patrol system

Common problems

  • The patrol device cannot read the card
  • Please check whether the flashing light of the patrol reader is normal
  • Low power: 16 sounds within 1 minute

Real-time data communication

Please check whether the WIFI password is changed or not. If the password is changed, please write the built-in WIFI password through the software.When the card is read by the patrol detector, there will be 2 sounds. The same patrol inspection point will have blue light prompt but no sound after repeated card reading within one minute.

The red light kept flashing

This is a normal situation, indicating that the power of the cruiser is sufficient. If the red indicator does not flicker, please charge immediately, and charge for no less than 3 hours.
After charging, the indicator on the power cord plug is blue, and red indicates that it is charging
Patrol device after the charge, the red indicator light will continue to flicker, normal standby, will continue to flicker, power loss < 2 ma/day. The buzzer makes two consecutive sounds or the red light turns blue and flashes twice When patrolling machine, normal after reading card, buzzer sends out two voice prompts, accompanied by two blue lights flashing, said inspection card read success, if the same checking point card read twice, the second card read tips for no sound, accompanied by the blue lights flashing, when checking machine electricity shortage patrolling chance per minute 16 shortness of the sound the alarm sounds, sufficient power for red flashing lights flashing all the time.

Performance index

1. Combined with the rf intelligent label management system, the patrol inspection management is real-time, orderly, standardized and intelligent.Rf card has high density, anti - magnetic, anti-static, etc.
2. Remote automatic card reading, convenient operation, high work efficiency.
3. The remote patrol detector can realize the identification of security patrol personnel entering the card reading range within 3 meters of the characteristic area and confirm the identity of personnel and the location of patrol inspection points.
4. The patrol inspector transmits and receives the signals transmitted by the remote patrol inspection point in real time, and then is uploaded to the management center in real time through WIFI, so as to realize the joint positioning of the patrol inspection point and the patrol inspector and record the patrol information of patrol personnel, and realize the complete intelligent patrol personnel management.
5. Good security, anti-interference and reliability.
6. Multi-level authority management ensures the security of the system.

Product introduction

Small size and easy to carry, sound prompt after successful card reading;
Automatic identification: patrol more point can achieve the transmission power within 3 meters, patrol more machine automatic identification patrol more point ID after receiving and automatically upload;
Automatic link caching function;
Convenient and flexible: increase or decrease patrol more convenient and flexible, just install patrol more can, no wiring, save cost;
The shell is made of engineering plastic.
RFID radio frequency reading card function: read card distance of 3 meters automatically read automatically upload.

Waterproof and anti-falling size 86mmx57mmx28mm
Weight 100g
Battery capacity 1500 milliamperes
High-energy polymer soft bag 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery, charge once in three days, charge for three hours each time

Method of use

In the first step, hua-101k USES WIFI to upload in real-time. During use, you only need to set the built-in WIFI of each inspector in the setting software through the software, that is, write the WIFI user name and password into the inspector according to the function of the software interface, and charge the inspector for 3 hours before normal use.

The second step is to open the cover of the inspection point box. After opening, insert the battery connector plug into the 2.4g mainboard of the inspection point, and install it in the position required by the inspection with screws

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