Hua Patrol Guard The National Grid Location

Hua Patrol Guard The National Grid Location

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Gezhouba Converter Station is the first terminal station of Gezhouba-Shanghai DC Transmission project, and it is the first UHV DC transmission and Transformation project in China. Located in the beautiful scenery of the Yangtze River Xiling Gorge South Bank, the site of Dianjun District Song Home Dam, from the majestic Gezhouba Water Conservancy project 3.5 kilometers. The converter station is built by the mountains and covers an area of about 220 acres.

In recent years, with the growth and development of China's energy industry and the increasing tension of the national power demand, GE-South DC transmission project has become one of the important channels in the west-to-east delivery project

Improvement of power inspection management

In order to improve the level of UHV and DC professional management, do a good job of UHV and converter station core equipment maintenance, elimination and charged testing and other work

As a professional intelligent inspection system R&D manufacturer Shenzhen Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized by the National Grid, for its Gezhouba Converter station inspection management to provide a safety guarantee.

Through the development of practical maintenance Implementation plan, the inspection issued a detailed Maintenance task allocation table, including maintenance, testing, elimination projects and maintenance progress. And in the acceptance chain to organize professional strength, according to the actual situation of 3 converter station equipment, strict implementation of various equipment acceptance standards, to ensure that "zero defect" delivery. Further improve the equipment inspection standardization and lean level, further improve the equipment state control capacity, to achieve the normalization of testing work, testing team specialization, testing equipment sophisticated.

The products used in the inspection and management of Gezhouba Converter Station of the State Grid are the new generation explosion-proof GPS positioning Intelligent Inspection system of HUA-101P, which has simple operation and humanized design. It has shown an important role in the scientific mobilization of personnel, more rational and efficient use of resources, cost savings and so on, making patrol and management easier, freer and more efficient

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