Hua Invention Patent Has Been Officially Authorized, And Cloud Inspection Has Been Recognized By Strength

Hua Invention Patent Has Been Officially Authorized, And Cloud Inspection Has Been Recognized By Strength

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June 2018 was a memorable day. Our company obtained the invention patent granted by the state intellectual property office for the application of "wireless inspection system and inspection management method".The patent number is ZL 2015 1 0712833.5. This indicates that HUA has made a historic breakthrough in the field of invention patents.

In recent years, HUA has invested a lot of manpower and capital to improve the innovation work of its own technology research and development, give full play to its research and development advantages, constantly introduce high-tech talents, optimize the industrial structure, increase the investment in research and development, and constantly improve the number and quality of patents.

It has created a new situation of intellectual property work and led the development of the industry. The invention patent of "wireless inspection system and its inspection management method" applied for this time was first approved in May 2015 and obtained the authorization certificate on June 19, 2018, which lasted for 3 years.

At present, our company has owned 23 independent intellectual property rights in product technological innovation, including 1 authorized invention patent, 2 published invention application, 3 utility models, 5 appearance patents, 12 software Copyrights, and won the national high-tech enterprise.

Duly authorized for this invention patent can be widely used in the device number, wide distribution, installation position and changeable power telecom, public security, forestry, petroleum and petrochemical, gas pipeline safety management such as industry, characterized by a continuous flow process, equipment between closely linked, in these industries are often due to a link failure will cause the whole industry chain, serious when still can cause fire, explosion and safety accidents, causing great economic losses.

In order to prevent this kind of safety accidents caused by timely work, the safety inspection staff must carry out effective inspection on the equipment and facilities within the specified time, find and report the safety hidden danger in time, so that the safety hidden danger can be controlled and handled in time. How to realize real-time and effective safety inspection is an important and weak link in industry management. The emergence of electronic patrol and inspection system can ensure that the patrol personnel follow the prescribed route, within the specified time, and inspect the specified number of inspection points, effectively solving this problem.

So far, HUA provides professional safety inspection management system platform products and solutions for large and medium-sized enterprises, government agencies and financial industry, and has been verified in thousands of application cases in many industries such as finance, telecommunications, power, military industry, energy, government, manufacturing, logistics and so on.

In the future, HUA system safety cloud inspection management platform will help more enterprises create a safe and efficient safe production management environment, and accelerate the completion of enterprise modernization, technology, intelligent civil air defense and technical defense of the new transformation.

To some extent, the acquisition of the above patents is conducive to giving full play to the company's independent intellectual property advantages, promoting technological innovation and enhancing the company's strong competitiveness.

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