Hua Hammer Guard Tour System Is There, Let Visitors Rest Assured And At Ease

Hua Hammer Guard Tour System Is There, Let Visitors Rest Assured And At Ease

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Located to the north of Futian District, Merlin Hill Park is a green pearl on the central axis North extension line in Futian Central District, with a height of 362 meters at the highest altitude. The park has carried on the moderate development on the basis of the ecological protection, has built the overseas Chinese incense entrance scenic spot as well as Naruto Pavilion, Qinyuan Pavilion, leaning Cui Ting, Mei and so on many places of interest. Its mountaineering trails, combined with the Green Road, connect the Merlin, Xiangmi Lake and Taoyuan areas along the North Ring Boulevard, connect the Tanglang Shan Country Park to the west and Merlin Park in the southeast, and lay fire and production irrigation networks along its ridge and mountaineering trails.

Some of its attractions such as Mei, Wukong Pavilion and so on have both landscape, viewing function, but also with forest protection, lookout function. Walking in Merlin Hill Park, members of the public will enjoy the beautiful natural landscape of Merlin Mountain and Merlin Reservoir, and feel the rich forest countryside of the park, which is another great choice for getting close to nature, experiencing nature and enjoying nature.

As a good place for entertainment and leisure, how can you make visitors more peace of mind, rest assured? in front of the manager, of course, the safety management problem! Combined with the actual situation of the park, in the strict screening and comprehensive consideration through many parties, our hammer guard tour system with its excellent quality and good market reputation, Won the user's recognition and choice.

Managers mainly in some fire and production of irrigation pipe network equipment and people traffic is relatively large places, set up inspection route and installed checkpoints, require patrolman go for a patrol at specific time and location, once found problems to timely report and processing, kill hidden dangers in the bud, so that visitors are more assured and secure!

So far, our guard tour system has been used in Shenzhen Merlin Mountain Park for more than three years, still in good conditions. We will certainly continue to do our best to serve more users.

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