Hua Guard Tour System Accompanied Shanghai Zhengwei Printing Co., Ltd. To Spend The A Peace Year

Hua Guard Tour System Accompanied Shanghai Zhengwei Printing Co., Ltd. To Spend The A Peace Year

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Shanghai Zhengwei Printing Co., Ltd. is a company invested and fully managed by Taiwan Zhnegmei Enterprise Co., Ltd., registered in December 1995, officially put into operation in April 1996. The total investment is $8 million and the registered capital is 4.9 million U.S. dollars.

Zhengmei Group specializes in non-dry film label printing, in the Greater China region leading position. Shanghai Zhengwei Printing Co., Ltd. is one of the five companies under the Zhengmei Group, invested by the group and fully managed. The company uses advanced prepress, plate making, production equipment and reliable inspection equipment, with mature technology, in the factory to complete the manuscript, color separation, film output, plate making, knife making, printing and post-printing processing of all the production process. The company's products involve daily, pharmaceutical, petrochemical and many other industries, is well-known domestic and foreign commodity manufacturers product packaging label excellent suppliers.

Now the main customers are: Procter & amp; Gamble, Johnson & amp; Johnson China, Kodak, Lihua, Silk treasure, fluttering shadow, good di, Amway and so on. December 2002 The company passed the British Standards Association BSI certification of ISO9001 quality system, ISO14001 environmental system.

In order to ensure the smooth start of the company's work, standardized management and safe environment is an important prerequisite. At the end of November this year, the company used our explosion-proof patrol system HUA-101, considering that the company is a Taiwanese-funded enterprise, at the same time due to the specific needs of customers, we provide the company with the traditional Chinese version of the software. Our explosion-proof patrol system is completely waterproof and resistant to fall.

At the same time, our software system has a good man-machine interface, perfect function, can provide managers with accurate data, convenient for comprehensive statistics and assessment. Patrol plan and patrol line settings are also convenient and flexible, a good solution to the company has been the existence of security patrolman work enthusiasm is not high, data statistics difficult, assessment difficulties and a series of problems, so that your the's security management is no longer empty talk.

Year off will be near, safety management appears to be more important, HUA guard tour system will accompany Shanghai Zhengwei Printing Co., Ltd. to spend the year of peace!

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