Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Uses Hua Guard Tour System With Display Screen

Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau Uses Hua Guard Tour System With Display Screen

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Guangzhou power Supply Bureau is mainly engaged in power grid investment, construction and operation, responsible for the Guangzhou 11 districts of electricity supply and services. In 2012, Guangzhou power supply bureau from Guangdong Grid company separated, become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Southern Power Grid Company, renamed Guangzhou Supply Bureau Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Guangzhou Supply Bureau), on the February 22 of that year officially listed operations, registered capital of 6 billion yuan. By the end of 2013, the establishment of 17 functional departments, 10 affiliated institutions, 28 directly under the agency.

In July 2015, the Power Supply Bureau considered the grid warehouse inspection safety, set security patrol system in four warehouses in Fanyu District, Huadou District, Baiyun District and Zengcheng districts of Guangzhou. Property safety and safety of life of related power facility materials stored in major warehouses are particularly important. Power Supply Bureau installed checkpoints in each monitoring dead corner of warehouse, and the development of patrol line planning, security guards only need to follow the patrol line to collect data for each checkpoint, complete the patrol task.

Television surveillance also has a range that cannot be monitored (commonly known as the "Blind spot"), and many of the wrongdoers carry out illegal activities outside the field of view of the monitor. And the electronic patrol system can enable the patrol personnel to carry on the timely inspection in these blind spots, thus greatly reduces the TV monitoring dead angle accident incidence. The major warehouses are fully integrated with the monitoring system and the patrol system.

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