Hua Guard Patrol System To Help The Security Administration Of Tangshan Railway Station

Hua Guard Patrol System To Help The Security Administration Of Tangshan Railway Station

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Railways are the country's main means of transport, bearing more than 60% of the country's traffic. As the epitome of the society, the passenger station on the railway operation line is not only the "facade" of the State administration but also the "window" of the Public Security Administration of the railway organ. The situation of security order in passenger station is related to the safety of railway transportation production.

As the direct management and direct organizer of railway transportation production, the safety management plays an important role in the whole railway transportation production and operation, especially in the case of railway new technology and new equipment widely used, the train running speed is getting faster and the density is increasing, and the requirement of safe production is higher and higher. However, in the actual security patrol process, there will always be some inspectors careless, neglect of duty, laziness and other phenomena occurred, how to use advanced computer and network technology, how to use electronic patrol system to effectively improve the accuracy of security, scientific management, prevention.
Upgrade of public security management in Tangshan railway station

In order to maintain the security order of social stations, protect the legitimate rights and interests of the people, protect the safety of public and private property, and prevent and combat illegal and criminal activities. Strengthening the scientific management of public security through the introduction of our Security Patrol management system.

HUA security guard Patrol Management system, can achieve real-time patrol work, scientific, visual, assessment and supervision of intelligent construction objectives through patrol software, detector, patrol settings, and further enhance the Tangshan railway station security Patrol management information, intelligent level.

Using application

1. In view of the actual situation of law and order, a scientific patrol prevention and control program has been formulated, the checkpoints are arranged in the station personnel intensive places and the easy-to-case areas, the patrol officers strengthen the patrol, enhance the patrol strength and density, and ensure the safety of the People's.

2. In key areas, key lines, key places to increase the number of patrol personnel, the implementation of 24 hours of uninterrupted patrol prevention and control, effective maintenance of station security and stability.

3. Effectively integrate all kinds of information resources, optimize the manpower allocation of public security patrol, form the overall integration, the structure science, the hierarchy, the responsibility to the person, the utility outstanding patrol work mechanism.

4. Strengthen information collection and effectively improve the relevance and effectiveness of patrol work.

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