Hua Guard Patrol System Is Used By National Mining College Application Case

Hua Guard Patrol System Is Used By National Mining College Application Case

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Mining (Beijing) is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, the national "211 Project" and "985 advantage subject Innovation platform Project" to build colleges and universities, is the first batch of Industrial Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance colleges and universities, but also the Ministry of Education and the State administration of work safety to build colleges and universities.

In the 1960 and 1978, the school was identified as a national key university two times, one of the first universities in the country with the right to grant doctoral and master's degrees, with graduate schools. The school has two campuses: the College Road campus is located in Beijing University, the Haidian District College Road, Shahe campus is located in Beijing changping Shahe Higher Education district.

School safety work is an important part of social security work, it is directly related to the safe and healthy growth of young students, related to the happiness and tranquillity of thousands of families and social stability, therefore, the issue of campus safety has become a hot issue concerned by all sectors of society. Protecting every child and minimizing the accidents that occur on them has become an important issue in the education and management of schools.

The common security problems on campus are complicated, but the reason for the view is not only the objective hidden danger, subjective negligence and weak management and external influence, but the most fundamental factor should also be that the school management is not in place, the measures are not effective, and the safety consciousness has not taken root.
New measures of campus security of China Mining University.

In order to maintain the order and stability of the campus, protect the life and property safety of teachers and students, and truly take school safety as an important daily work constant efforts, after the study decided, mining Beijing to establish a set of school safety inspection system using HPE electronic patrol, and strive to protect the life and property safety of teachers and students throughout the school.

A patrol group was divided to 5 groups, patrolman go for patrol from Monday to Friday in school entrance, building, classroom and around the school. The main duties of the campus patrol are to patrol the campus, to investigate suspicious persons, to prevent theft, fraud, fighting and other illegal acts, strengthen the students' holiday off-campus hours, parents' meetings and group outings when the traffic diversion and co-ordination, maintain the security order of large-scale collective activities on campus.

To prevent the occurrence of cases of illegal crimes, to stop and deal with illegal and criminal acts in a timely manner, to do a good job in teaching areas, sports areas and other key areas of public security prevention, eliminate all kinds of safety hazards, prevent the occurrence of all kinds of accidents, familiar with the performance of various fire extinguishers and use methods, understand the location of fire-fighting facilities, Discover the fire immediately take fire measures or alarm at the first time.

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