Foshan Nanhai Xinxingli Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. Enables Hua Fingerprint Guard Patrol System

Foshan Nanhai Xinxingli Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. Enables Hua Fingerprint Guard Patrol System

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Foshan Nanhai xinxing Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd. was founded in 1994, the introduction of Korean spinning equipment, daily production of 60 tons of polyester staple fiber, is the largest producer in South China. Bottle Workshop daily recovery of 300 tons of waste mineral water bottles, the production of 200 tons of bottles, is China's largest bottle recycling enterprises. Cable Belt Workshop is specialized in new packaging strapping materials of environmental protection high-tech enterprises.

2002 from Italy to introduce PETpackaging belt 8 with automated production lines, Nissan cable belt 20 tons, is China's largest belt manufacturer. Rigging in the country, 2002 to date, annual growth rate of 500%, Sodai company is also in extraordinary growth, set up offices throughout the country, the recruitment of a large number of market-sensitive distributors. Cable belt in ceramics, plywood, paper, metal industry and other applications are widely used.

As we all know, security for every enterprise is the guarantee and foundation of life, but also the prerequisite for the smooth development of enterprises. In order to strengthen the supervision and management of each production link, and effectively achieve the specific responsibility for the implementation of the individual, the enterprise introduced our Fingerprint guard patrol system.

Our fingerprint guard patrol system HUA-101F is more systematic, compared to the current market on the ordinary fingerprint patrol devices. There is a higher imitation of cheating, completely put an end to the phenomenon of punching people. HUA fingerprint guard patrol system, require inspectors to read a checkpoint, to enter a fingerprint as the basis for authentication. And ordinary fingerprint products, input a fingerprint can read all checkpoints along the patrol line, the real reliability is greatly reduced.

At the same time, our fingerprint patrol device, silicone overall seal design, TFT true color screen, download speed is extremely fast, waterproof and anti-fall, light and convenient to use, has won the recognition of our customers.

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