Southern University Of Science And Technology Uses Hua Electronic Guard Patrol System

Southern University Of Science And Technology Uses Hua Electronic Guard Patrol System

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Southern University of Science and Technology is the national comprehensive reform experimental school of higher education, a full-time public-run general higher education institution led and managed by Guangdong Province, is an innovative university founded in Shenzhen, the goal is to quickly build an international high-level research university, china's major scientific and technological research and the important base for the cultivation of innovative talents.

In order to further strengthen the campus security management, standardize the work of public security patrols, improve the overall campus prevention and control capacity, Southern University of Science and Technology introduced HUA electronic guard patrol system.

School security office need to install checkpoints in some places need to be patrolled, assign a responsible patrolman for each patrol area, patrolman should carry the patrol device and to for patrol at fix-time and fix-place according to requirements.

Using situation

Through the application of the electronic patrol system, patrol officers are divided into groups as required, with the prescribed routes, times and locations to patrol.

It is beneficial to avoid the situation of patrol officers signing or missing one time, effectively improve the campus security, to strengthen human defense, technical defense, material defense for the purpose of establishing a set of scientific security patrol patrol management system.

Effectively improve the quality of security patrol work, change the patrol personnel "patrol and not patrol are same, patrol more or less are same, patrol or not no one know" and other passive situation. Motivate the patrol personnel's work consciousness and initiative, really achieve the effective control of potential hazards, and maintain the safety of people and property on campus.

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