Shaoguan Prison In Guangdong Province Uses Hua Anti-explosion Guard Tour System Hua-101

Shaoguan Prison In Guangdong Province Uses Hua Anti-explosion Guard Tour System Hua-101

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Guangdong Shaoguan prison is located one kilometer northeast of the town of li city, Zhenjiang district, Shaoguan city, covering an area of 1.175 million square meters. After the reform of the provincial institutions in 2000, it was designated as an oversize prison with 19 departments and 12 prison areas.

Over the years, Shaoguan prison has always adhered to the effective implementation of the "The combination of punishment and reform aims at reform" of the prison work policy, successfully completed the task of transforming all kinds of criminals. In particular, in recent years, the prison to build a first-class team, with first-class team, create first-class performance as the goal, according to the thinking "safety, norms, development", closely around the prison work "three first" consciousness to carry out work, point with, the overall promotion, speed up the construction and development of prisons. The prison workforce has stable thought, excellent style, good quality, cohesion and strong combat effectiveness.

Shaoguan Prison management means achieved the transformation from the "civil defense" to "technical defense" the use of advanced prison management monitoring technology, the grass-roots police inspection from the traditional paper check-in to free,Because the prison is a special government judicial organ, the requirements for guard patrol products are also more stringent, through the actual inspection of the products of several patrol manufacturers, after testing, our explosion-proof patrol has been unanimously recognized by Shaoguan prison leaders, has become a scientific management means of Shaoguan prison technology and defense.

Prison managers through the our explosion-proof guard patrol device to strengthen the supervision and management of the supervision, the full implementation of the regulatory safety system, the various departments and the various shifts of patrolman are equipped with our patrol devices. The ward purchased 80 pieces guard patrol devices, 250 checkpoints from us, have more than 20 patrol lines, divided into day shift and night. Patrol officers are required to regularly go for patrol at specific time on specific location.

When we visited our customers, the leader gave a high degree of evaluation of our products, our products brought more convenience for their management, so that their management work more standardized and scientific. Customers’ approval gives us great encouragement, we will continue to work hard to bring convenience for more users.

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