How to Install Guard Tour System? Advantages of an RFID-Based Guard Patrol System

How to Install Guard Tour System? Advantages of an RFID-Based Guard Patrol System

Key Advantages of an RFID-Based Guard Tour Program - How to install a guard tour system?

Guard patrol tour systems are the talk of the town nowadays. And it all makes sense because these systems have really helped several organizations, security companies, and property managers. It helps in strengthening their security systems. This new technology has replaced the old wand patrolling system. Since it came into being, it’s been proving itself of quite a use. Two of the most important reasons why guard patrol systems are famous nowadays are; convenience and reliability. These systems really have helped security managers save themselves quite a lot of time. They usually had to spend on paperwork and it has even made things easier for security guards. Especially when it comes to reporting their tasks and scanning checkpoints. Speaking of which, today we are going to talk about RFID guard patrol systems and how to install a guard tour system?


How to Install Guard Tour System? What Is An RFID Guard Tour Program?

For those who don’t know, RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification. It’s the mainstream guard tour system available in the market right now. It basically is all about the use of radio signals to identify different targets and to read all the data. There's no need of establishing any mechanical contact between any specific objects. This technology is in use widely in various fields all around the globe. Because it offers convenience, efficiency, and most importantly, stability.

The working principle of an RFID guard patrol system might sound a little complicated. But in reality, it’s quite simple. Once you start using it or once you know how to install a guard tour system. An RF signal comes from the reader and there’s the tag into the magnetic field. All of this is done through the energy of the currently stored product information inside the chip. What happens next is that the reader reads the information. Then decodes it and then sends it to the main central information center on data processing.

In a nutshell, the reader basically has to launch a specific radio frequency wave to the tag. And then send all the internal data just to drive the circuits of the tags. The reader then gets the interpreted data in a proper sequence for the application to do corresponding processing.

One of the most important advantages of an RFID-based guard patrol system is that it offers non-touch recognition. It can easily read all the labels through snow, paint, grime, barcodes, and in any harsh environment. The only issue is the use of this technology is its incompatible standards. The growth of this industry is limited due to the fragmentation and confusion of the RFID industry as a whole. Both the American and European countries are trying to address this issue. And to some extent, they are successful with it. With standardization, it’s expected that rapid development of this technology will stimulate. And it will give a boost to its wide application.

Benefits Of An RFID Guard Patrol Tour System

There are several benefits of an RFID-based guard tour system. Once you know how to install a guard tour system, things will become relatively easier for you.


Here are some important benefits of RFID that you must know about;


It Helps In Making The Guards Work Seamlessly

Both the readers and the guard patrol systems use radio frequency ID tags. The RFID tags are in different checkpoints. Each one of the guards has an RFID reader with them.


The tags are red by the guard using the readers. After the generation of a report on intervals. It is cross-checked in accordance with the routes and their timings. Without any human intervention, the ID of the guards is time-stamped after the identification of the checkpoints. Not just this but the information is also dispatched for the main unit without any hassle.


Rugged and robust

The radiofrequency tags have this special design and operation specifically to stand all kinds of wilful sabotages. Moreover, these tags are easy to read from a very long distance. Also,  the former will be operational in all kinds of temperature ranges. What's best is the fact that these tags are all waterproof. You can deal with them within non-metallic material walls.


You don't need any more equipment

When you are using an RFID guard patrol system, you won't need any additional equipment. All you need is NFC technology (Near Field Communications). You have to use it to communicate with electronic devices like smartphones. For example, you'll be able to track the movement of your guards as long as you have their phone. In the case of high-security scenarios, some guards might not have permission to carry any personal gadget with them.

Real-time alerts

Another huge benefit of using an RFID-based patrol system is that whenever any improper incident occurs, the alarms trigger. And you are notified immediately. For example, if a tour doesn't happen, it is taking longer than the expected time. Or if a security guard misses a checkpoint, you'll be notified right away. Due to the alert at the right time,  it's easier for you to handle the situation. It will also help identify or troubleshoot incidents right on spot.

Final Word

These are some key benefits of RFID-based guard patrol systems. Considering the benefits, if you really are looking for an efficient and effective solution to your guard patrolling issues then you should opt for one right away.

Radiofrequency technology is growing all around the globe. And it's in use by several guard patrol systems right now.  Once its standardization issue is resolved, its development will boost. And you'll be able to avail all of its benefits without any hassle. For now, we all hope that RFID-based guard patrol systems become more common. They can help ease security management, save time, and cut down the extra costs. We need more such technologies to grow.

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