Guard Tour System Types - Watchman’s Clock System

Guard Tour System Types – Watchman’s Clock System


Oldest Type of Guard Tour System - Watchman’s Clock System

In this Article we will explain about the oldest type of Guard Tour . But first of all we want to take you through the main definition of Guard Tour. This will let you know that what exactly Guard Tour System is?

What is Guard Tour System?

Guard Tour System plays an important role in recording and tracking the time when guard executes his tour by scanning different check points. This system plays an important role in keeping the guards motivated and more responsible. When they will know that their each activity is being recorded then they will work more efficiently. Guard Tour System is mostly used by variety of industries, factories, hospitals, security companies, insurance companies and much more. Though there are various types of Guard Tour System but today we are going to put shed over the oldest one. So go through it, we are damn sure that you gonna love it.

Guard Tour System

Watchman’s Clock System

This type is one of the oldest types and comes into being in the middle of 19th century. Watchman’s Clock System is like a circular gadget it is about 8 inches in diameter. Existence of analog clock face on the front makes it awesome. If you got to see Watchman’s Clock you will see that it comes up in a leather carrying case which contains a shoulder strap also. This shoulder strap brings easiness for security guards for carrying the Watchman’s Clock System at ease.


Internal section of watch contains a circular paper dial. If you closely see the dial then you can see that dial is printed by marks which show 24 hours of day.

If you go through the different points along patrol route then you can see key stations. Best thing about these key stations is that it contains huge metal key which comes up with a unique number.

The key is generally affixed to the key station utilizing a metal chain to hold the key back from being taken out.

While doing tours security guards stops at each check point and remove the key and add it to into the clock system. Because of this key no is printed over the paper dial. This process used to track the activities and also let the owner find out that at which time security guards executed his tour.

After 24 hours the paper dial is taken out from security guard clock and alter it with new one. At the end, company manger or supervisor goes through the paper dials in order to verify that security guards have completed his tour on time or not.

Those days in order to provide a long term recording of security guards owner filed away the paper dials. So this was the basic scenario of Watchman’s Clock System but this type comes up with many disadvantages.

Watchman’s Clock System Pros that you may have not known

  • The very first advantage of Watchman’s Clock System is that it was extremely budget friendly and can easily be afford by everyone.
  • The second main advantage of this system is that it was very easy to use even security guards who did not go to school can operate it easily because of its user friendly interface.

So these were the advantages, now we are going to explain its disadvantages which will clear you that why it becomes necessary to bring a new security guard system? Why it was not fulfilling the needs?

Watchman’s Clock System Con’s

The biggest disadvantage of this system is that you can make use of limited no of keys. Few people say that round about 30 keys can be used.

The second main disadvantage is that it comes up in bulky shape and because of its larger size it becomes difficult for security guards to carry it all the time.

After every 24 hours it was necessary to replace the paper dial with a new one.  It does not allow automatic creation of reports so in case of time and effort it took more time and effort.

It doesn’t come up with incident codes to show the abnormal conditions. If you store paper dial for longer period of time then it can create troubles for you.

Last but one of the biggest disadvantages of this system is that it doesn’t come up with real time recording of security guards activity.

Why Guard Tour System Comes into Being?

Because of these disadvantages Guard Tour System comes in to being. This system provides real time report of security guard activities. This system brings 100% accountability and accuracy. Yes, you will not find any error in reporting. Everything will be stored automatically in to the system. Even you can check the history any time anywhere. It creates fear in security guards and they perform their duty 100%.

When there was no Guard Tour System in the world then security guards missed lot of checkpoints and don’t execute tour of those portions that are difficult to climb because of more stairs. But those days are gone now because of fear of being caught no guard dares to violate the rules. When it comes to battery life, it is extremely awesome and you can utilize the gadget for continuous 15 days with a single charge.

So what else you want more? Not only that even if you go through the latest products of guard tour system then you will get to see its face verification guard system and LCD display guard tour system. Both these are extremely modern and bring more efficiency into the guard patrolling system.

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