Gansu Wuwei Prison Guard Tour System Project

Gansu Wuwei Prison Guard Tour System Project

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Safe management is the most important of the prison work. However, the current situation of prison personnel management in China is serious shortage of police force and excessive pressure of police officers. In safety precautions, for a variety of reasons, the prison's existing physical prevention, technology and defense can not fully play its due role, and some prisons even lack of physical defense techniques.

Because of the current prison management shortage has led to a series of vicious escape events, causing great harm to the community. In order to prevent the recurrence of the escape, to prevent criminals once again endanger society, so that the intelligent construction of prisons becomes very urgent

Electronic prison patrol management developed by HUA ELECTRONIC TECHNOPLOGY LIMITED can be a good solution to all these problems, intelligent, scientific management system is a powerful tool for modern prison management.


In order to strengthen the information construction of the institute, simplify the work of the police, reduce burden for the prison supervision work, save police, improve work efficiency, enable the prison management work towards fine, standardized, and intelligent, Gansu Wuwei Prison introduces our real-time online guard patrol tour system.

guard tour system project

Using situation

The use of advanced prison electronic patrol management system with RF equipment can scientific manage a large number of personnel uniformly, effectively and high intelligently. Can stop the abnormal behavior in the prison in time, provide all-round, real-time and reliable safety guarantee for the prison security, and realize the intelligent management of the prison.

This system uses the combination of hardware and software to solve the problem of personnel positioning and management, also provide the patrol workflow function, greatly improve the efficiency of patrol work. The specific usage step is as follows:

1. Install checkpoint tags in key patrol place of prison.
2. Administrator sets up patrol route and items in cloud software.
3. Prison patrolman goes to patrol according to patrol route, and does relevant operation according to patrol items, then uploads patrol data to cloud software.
4. Administrator can view patrol situation and relevant patrol items in cloud software whenever and wherever possible.
5. Administrator can monitor and manage patrol work through record and assessment in cloud software.

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