Guard Tour System Manufacturer in USA offering RFID Systems

Guard Tour System Manufacturer in USA offering RFID Systems

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Guard Tour System Manufacturer in USA from RFID Perspective

A guard tour system is a computerized system designed to assist security departments of the companies and organizations. It helps them organize, log and perform guard tours and patrols in their premises to ensure that the officers will furnish their jobs within the set time intervals. A wide variety of guard tour systems is split into two major categories:  

  • Cloud guard tour systemsbased on smart phones and cloud technology

Guard tour system manufacturer in usa

Three Methods of Patrolling Mode

The guard tour system can work through fixed GPS location, track, or tag reading – works through RFID. Organizations requiring enhanced security coverage, risk management, and analysis reporting prefer RFID guard tour systems. These devices provide a means to monitor and record the time a guard spends during his patrolling.

The RFID-equipped patrolling system scans specific checkpoints falling in the area assigned to a guard to patrol. Checkpoints are established at specific places inside the building premises or at different locations of a particular site. Checkpoints may also be put up in the remote area and the guard tour system helps the management identify each different location and each part of a defined territory. The on-site officers scan checkpoints, track and file events, send SOS alerts, and prepare reports to the management or the clients, even in real-time.

OEM Preferred Guard Tour System Manufacturer in USA

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is a passive wireless technology to match or track an item or individual. The reader sends radio waves and gets signals back from RFID tag. The tag transmits data through radio waves to communicate identity and other information. The prime advantage of RFID guard tour system is that the whole system comes up with guard patrol recorder.

A good example to quote an OEM preferred guard tour system is Fingerprint RFID Guard Tour System. With fingerprint authentication,  it enables scientific management of the patrolling staff. The voice/ task prompt device is more professional and its normal version WM-5001X1 supports 125kHZ RFID tag. With multilayer protection, the device is highly durable and solid. Its amazing features include dust-proof, water-proof, and shatter-resistant.

There is yet another professional OEM guard tour system with the name RFID Guard Patrol System HUA 101E-S. The standalone software of the device supports RFID 125khz checkpoints and RFID 125khz guard tags. Install the checkpoint wherever you want to patrol. The patrolman takes the reader to patrol. The device generates the patrol information about whether the guard is on patrol on time. The patrolman tag distinguishes who is patrolling the area. The software can print out the report to examine the guard’s work and situation.

GPS Guard Tour System Manufacturer in USA – A New Era of Patrolling

There are some multifunctional readers that make everything safe with greatest convenience. The management can witness the accidents, damage to the equipment, and get the report on the scene situation in time. A good example of this device is Real time Guard Tour System HUA-K2. The device features 2G/4G/Wifi GPS Guard Tour System. With GPS positioning, the supervisor can visually monitor the device’s current location and its historical track in could software. Just define a plan in the software. The device will use its unique navigation function and high-efficiency work to guide the security guard patrol the next place.

The security of security guard is of prime importance to keep everything inside the premises safe. There are chances of attacks, injuries to the security guards. For their protection, there should be some device featuring a call for help. One such highly professional real-time guard tour system is 3G RFID GPS Guard Tour System with Voice Call. The device along with providing similar functions mentioned above comes with Man-Down Function/ SOS.

Benefits with Guard Tour System Manufacturer in USA

Better Efficiency with Low Cost

Resources are the main part of any business. The guard tour system reduces or to some extent, eliminates the transportation costs during guard tours. It doesn’t matter if the management wants to check a guard’s reliability through additional inspection, the cost will not increase. It will also reduce the time needed for repetitive administrative tasks. Staff managing the guard tour system will only export reports from their computer in real-time for security quality.

Tour Log Management

The management can maintain historical data for all the patrols conducted in specific time intervals.


The system is reliable and can lead to considerably better performance.

GPS Monitoring

To track positions and obtain real-time reports, GPS is pivotal in modern-day security practices. With the ability to manage the remote guards, the GPS tracking will let the supervisor visually know the actual patrol track of the guard.

Guard Tour System Manufacturer in USA Applications

A number of industries can take advantage of the guard tour system.

  • Educational institutes can enhance the safety of their students.
  • Public transportation services can reduce risks of accidents by efficiently directing patrolling services and managing daily incidents.
  • Manufacturing units, small and large, can protect their assets from damage and maintain incident records in every aspect of the manufacturing process.
  • Warehouses can increase the security of their merchandise.
  • Financial institutes can remain safe from external threats.
  • Security companies can manage the guard tours of their personnel through real-time reports.
  • Real estate organizations can protect their premises from undue damages and threats.
  • Organizations providing cleaning and maintenance services can better manage their workers and installations with the implementation of guard tour systems.

Guard tour system manufacturer in usa


The implementation of a guard tour system manufacturer in USA will help organizations monitor their guards’ patrolling performance accurately.  By upgrading their security with a guard tour system, the management can secure their assets more effectively. The cloud-based guard tour system will help the management track the patrol logs. The system will increase the efficiency of security performance from all aspects. With GPS monitoring, real-time tracking, and a budget-controlled security system, the management can always be on the safer side.

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