Guard Tour System Manufacturer: Brief Introduction and Advantages

Guard Tour System Manufacturer: Brief Introduction and Advantages

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What kind of machine is the guard patrol machine?

Guard Tour System Manufacturer

To understand this device, let's find out in detail in this article. Issues of security, access management, and human resource management are one of the important things of guard tour system manufacturer. Especially with large-scale places, this needs even more attention

With security control devices for entrances, timekeepers are no longer strange to many people. These types will directly monitor and manage the details of each person's entry and exit schedule

However, there is a device that, when hearing the name, many people do not know that it is a protective patrol device or can be called a protective patrol device.

Brief introduction of the guard tour system

This is a type of device that serves to monitor, manage and monitor employees. This device will identify in specific times and places which employees are on patrol

They have a small design that can be carried by hand, so it is very convenient for businesses to use for monitoring. Tou can buy it from guard tour system manufacturer.

Structure of the machine

+ There is a small screen to display the date and time, some basic information

+ A round button to press to determine the position of objects

In addition, there must be additional touch buttons at the points that will need to be patrolled. How many points will proceed to attach as many buttons?

The process of patrolling staff will go to those points to verify identity, location and time

Advantages and applications of guard tour system manufacturer

+ Designed to be very small for hand-held

+ Easy to use when carrying on patrol

+ Has absolute accuracy

+ There is a USB port for computer connection or charging

+ Data is transferred to the computer for processing

+ The batteries of these machines have a very long life

+ Applied in large-scale industrial parks and factories

Why do you need guard tour system manufacturer?

Guard tour system manufacturer is indispensable equipment for security guards in buildings, factories.. Today, true to its name, the guard patrol machine is common to manage and monitor the work of the guard. As a result, the issue of security and order at the user units is absolutely guaranteed.

Moreover, it is also a basis to help managers evaluate the performance of the security team and serve the salary calculation later. To learn more about this technology device, let's find out below this article with Huaguard now!!!

What is a guard patrol machine?

Security patrol machine is a dedicated timekeeping device for security guards. They are also known as security timekeepers. This device helps the manager to control the patrol work of security guards. Thanks to that, it helps them know who is patrolling, where and at what time.

As a result, it has simultaneously prevented some unforeseen risks such as fire, explosion, theft, etc. This device is operated by standard AA batteries, so it is easy to operate.

How does guard tour system operate?

Included with the guard patrol machine are touch buttons. The touch buttons are chips that are attached at the points that need to patrol. How many points need to be patrolled, so many touch buttons are needed. When performing the patrol process, the security guard will carry the security patrol machine to the points with the touch button attached.

Then perform “press the machine”. The guard tour system manufacturer device will then automatically record the patrol's identity, time and location. This data store on specialized software comes on the computer and exported to Excel when needed.

How is the protective patrol machine structured?

Security timekeeper is a type of specialized technology equipment to serve in the process of monitoring, managing and supervising security guards. This device will accurately determine at specific times and locations which employees are on patrol.

This device has a very compact design that is easy to handle and carry around. Thanks to that, it is very convenient for businesses to bring in to equip security guards. The structure of the device is therefore very simple as follows:

  • There is a small black and white screen to display the date and time, some basic information of the device
  • A circular button to press to locate touch button objects
  • Connect the charger to the device
  • USB slot for data retrieval
  • Standard AA battery and power bank
  • In addition, there are accompanying supplies such as: Backrest bowl, machine holder, user manual, ...

Outstanding features of guard tour system manufacturer

The guard tour system manufacturer helps the security guard to best control the patrol point. This indirectly helps managers check the working situation of employees as well as access employee payroll data very easily. Here are a few outstanding features of the guard patrol machine

  • Helps the manager to control whether his security guards go on patrol or not.
  • Precise control of the time periods passing through those points
  • Assess the working sense of security guards in the most accurate and fair way.
  • Easily retrieve data for timekeeping and salary calculation for security guards
  • Easily export data to excel file to report to investors, seniors
  • Best control other security issues such as: When theft occurs in the assigned patrol area or salary disputes. Or attendance points of security guards, …
  • Made from sturdy materials, outstanding quality standards. Thus, it will adapt to the weather conditions.
  • Resistant to impacts from external environmental factors such as: dirt, oxidation, corrosion, ...

Important notes when using a security patrol machine

Here are a few important notes in using guard tour system manufacturerAs a result, it will be easier for security guards to use the device, to be able to control the security situation inside the checkpoints.

  • In the protective patrol machine equipment come with batteries for easy use.
  • The touch button components are all fitted with a chip inside, so when they meet the patrol machine, they will receive the signal.
  • The patrol process will complete when the security guard patrols at the points with touch buttons
  • When patrolling for each chip on the touch button, when the device emits a "beep beep" sound. Means the device has finished patrolling at that touch button
  • Pay more attention to the time intervals to carry out maintenance and maintenance in the most reasonable way. For the longest life of the equipment as well as to limit minor damage during use.
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