How to get home automation with guard tour System?

How to get home automation with guard tour System?

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What are the Main Types of Residential guard tour systems?

Guard tour system is a set of electronic security features that come up of integrated sensors and software. Moreover, they come with the aim of protecting the home against criminal actions and unwanted events. The main purpose of the residential tour system is to emit audibly.


And/or visual alerts in cases of undesirable events or situations, such as:

  • attempts to break into doors and windows
  • unauthorized access
  • fire beginnings, among others.

Monitor by an electronic system

Guard tour systems are visually or audible signals. They are usually intermittent. Furthermore, they indicate a situation that requires immediate action. It happens usually when a certain variable being monitors by an electronic system reaches an unwanted or potentially dangerous level.

The residential tour system works with the simple concept of protecting access points in the residence. This makes use of presence and opening detection sensors. Moreover, it communicates with a control panel, responsible for monitoring the environment.

What are Guard tour system for?

Home tour systems are a security system has decent design to detect intrusion such as unauthorized entry into a home. Residential tour systems are common in residential properties to protect against theft (theft) or property damage, as well as personal protection from intruders.

Furthermore, the Guard tour system serves to monitor an environment, with the purpose of detecting and alerting on unauthorized access and/or imminent danger conditions.

What is the purpose of the Residential guard tour system?

The main objective of the residential tour system is to detect and issue audible and/or visual alerts about undesirable situations, such as: attempts to break in on doors and windows. However, when installed and monitored correctly, tour systems provide other benefits to its user, among which we can highlight:

Deterrent effect: the perception by the malicious person of the existence of a Guard in the home works as a disincentive mechanism for criminal action. Moreover, it is easy to detect any invasion through visual and audible signals.

Detection of attempts to break in doors and windows

through presence, impact and opening sensors, a home tour system can identify an attempt to undue access to doors and windows and issue warning signals;

Detection of fire beginnings: some tour system systems, by means of heat sensors or smoke detection, can detect fire beginnings and emit tour system signals.

Guard tour system Panic button

these are portable electronic buttons that communicate with the radio frequency tour system center, serving to signal emergency or risk situations, such as invasions, robberies and robberies.

Basic Composition of Residential guard tour systems

Residential tour systems usually compose of a combined sensor and a tour system center. Also, The most basic Guard tour system consists of at least a sensor to detect intruders and an alert device to indicate the intrusion.

Basic composition of a home tour system:

guard tour system Panel – is seen as the brain of the tour system. Controls, sends and receives signals from sensors spread across the property. It can be divided into “zones” or “sectors” that accurately identify the violated environment. Currently, tour system panels can send signals to monitoring centers and/or to the owner's own cell phone.

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Battery – allows the operation of the security system in the event of a power failure. This battery constantly monitor by the tour system panel that notifies you if its charge is low.

Guard tour system Sensors

devices that identify a previously programmed event and send a signal to the central: example of sensors: presence sensor: detects the presence of people; opening sensor: detects opening of doors and windows; Impact sensor: Detects glass breakage, Temperature sensor: Detects temperature variations.

Electrified fence - is a physical security barrier formed by energized steel wires with the objective of preventing people from crossing a defined limit, it is also capable of detecting contact or breakage of wires and informing the control panel.

Guard tour system Security cameras

Electronic image and sound capture equipment with storage capacity and data transmission to a monitoring center. Some IP security cameras can interpret captured image data and generate to Guard tour system signals when detected in an unwanted event;

Panic Button - Equipment that, when activated, notifies the monitoring center of an emergency.;

guard tour system siren. Upon detection of an event, the siren emits a 120DB sound, to inhibit a possible invasion, denouncing the attacker's action.

Guard tour system Electronic Monitoring

monitoring of electronic security systems is the process of establishing contact, in real time and remotely, with security systems, to receive, analyze and process the information sent by the system. This sending can be in two ways: Telephone Line or GPRS (Wireless Transmission).

home tour system: Importance of Residential guard tour system

The importance of the residential Guard tour system is related to the level of risk to which the residence and its occupants are subject. The greater the risk, the more important and necessary the existence of a home tour system becomes.

How does the guard tour System work?

In general, the residential tour system works through telephone lines and/or internet connection, which send the data to a tour system monitoring center. The basic system comprises a tour system panel, backup battery, siren, sensors, security cameras and panic button.

Criminals tend to choose with great care and discretion the homes that will be targeted by their attacks. In this context, one of the most relevant criteria analyzed is the degree of difficulty involved in carrying out the criminal action: the better the security of the house, the lower the chances of it being considered a viable and interesting target.

Conclusion Guard tour system

Upon receiving the system occurrence alert, the monitoring center operators take the necessary measures, such as sending security agents to the scene and calling the police, if necessary. Another feature of the home Guard tour system is the panic button. If any of the residents press this button, the monitoring center also receives an emergency alert.

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