Guard tour system – A Brief Introduction

Guard tour system – A Brief Introduction


Detailed Guide about Guard tour system that you may have not known

Our today’s topic is about a brief intro of Guard tour system but first of all we want to put shed over the purpose of Guard tour system. These purposes will let you clear the importance of Guard tour system. In order to provide protection for almost 24 hours to higher enterprises almost 90% companies hire security guards. Few companies hire them for 24 hours, few for weekly basis seven day schedules. Schedule can be varying from company to company but the purpose of every security guard will be same. They has been hired to provide extra protection and security to company.

Main Duties of Security Guards

Guard tour system

The main duty of these security guards is to keep an eye on suspicious and abnormal activity. They are responsible to check whether lights has been turned off in the night time or not, door has been properly locked or not, and last but the most important to keep an eye on water leakage or any safety hazards.

But security guard duties can vary from industry to industry; few industries hire security guards in order to provide protection to their machines, they are responsible to keep an eye on variety of machines for example companies owner trained them to observe temperature readings or any pressure settings. In case of any mishap they are responsible to alert the owner or the manager.

How to Get Maximum Value from Security Guards?

As we all knows that a single security guard cannot perform his duty well especially for 24 hours. So in order to gain maximum value from security guards it is very important to make security patrols according to company schedule. In order to explain you in a better way we are going to give you an example.

For example you should make groups of security of every shift, like there should be few guards that cover few areas in the night time and few should be responsible to provide security in the day time. You can even make a schedule for six hours. These way security guards will perform their duty well and all areas of the facility will be check after every two hours.

You can even alternate the security guards during one hour and a different tour during the next hour. Benefit of Alternating security guard is that in case of no supervision security guard will be careless and will remain busy in their tasks. In case of cold and rain few security guards don’t visit the patrol, without supervision there might be a possibility that security guard don’t supervise few portions that are difficult to access or need to climb lot of stairs so almost 60% security guards try to miss those portions.

In such a way a company security can be compromised, so the question is that how we can deal such situation and how we can make security guards more responsible for their duty? Continue to read the below content and knows an answer about this query.

Purpose of Guard tour system – Why Guard tour system comes in to being?

In the last few days we have been receiving so much queries that why Guard tour system comes into being? What is the main purpose of Guard tour system? Well, in order to solve the entire above mentioned problem Guard tour system actually comes into being.

What is Guard Tour System?

Guard tour system is a computer control program that plays an important role in controlling in inspecting and recording the activities of security guards. Guard tour  is responsible to verify whether the security guards has done his tour or has been covered all portions or not.

If you make use of Guard tour then you will two benefits from it. The very first benefit of Guard tour system is that if the security guard knows that their activities has been recorded by Guard system then they will be more responsible because of fear of being caught so this fear let them follow the rules more efficiently. The second main benefit of Guard tour system is that all the activities perform by security guards is available in the written form so in case of discrepancies main culprit can be easily identified. No one can implement his fault or irresponsibility to other security guard because of proof.

You can easily punish or can take strict action for those who are not performing their duties on time. Even written proof can be used in order to do a strict investigation of patrol activities, this strategy is perfect for companies that offer insurance facilities.

So these are the two main benefits of utilizing Guard tour system.  In this modern era, it has been extremely advance. Now it comes up with touch screen that make it more user friendly to use. Few of Guard system comes up with flash light that are perfect for the night patrolling. If you buy Guard system from us then we will give you guarantee about the battery life and product durability.

Where to buy Highly Durable Guard Tour System?

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HUA Guard products are highly durable and efficient; when it comes to battery timings you can easily use them for continuous 15 days with a single full charge. Our advance product has red light that turn itself ON in case of no power or full power. Try our product once we assure you that you will never regret trying out our products.

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