9 Ways Guard Tour Patrol System Increase your safety

9 Ways Guard Tour Patrol System Increase your safety

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Guard tour patrol system help protect your home against illegal intrusions. To give you a sense of security and peace of mind when in your home. During the pandemic, the economy is down, bad people can break in at any time. We need to have the optimal plan to protect ourselves and those around us.

1. Automatic guard tour system increases safety

All devices such as Guard tour patrol system, door opening sensors, alarms, etc. will immediately send push notifications to your phone when a bad guy breaks in. It won't take you much time and effort to see the intruder.

You just need to turn on the phone and see the notifications, especially when adding a security camera. Moreover, you will see the entire image of the bad guy who broke in with photos and videos recorded in real time. You can control the security of your home 24/7 automatically.

2. How much does the guard tour system cost?

Keeping yourself safe is essential. All the money spent can be earned back, but who has a destiny, it is really a regret for a lifetime. So, do not regret a few hundred dollars in exchange for the safety of your family.

Automatic Guard tour patrol system increases safety

No matter where you are, whether you are at work or in the bedroom, your home is always protected by an automated guard tour system. You won't have to worry or worry about your safety anymore. Instead, an extremely intelligent and useful system will alert you in just 1 second.

Cost of Guard tour patrol system equipment

The cost of Guard tour patrol system is usually higher than that of other civil equipment. Not to mention it also has built-in artificial intelligence, but it's definitely worth it. You should consider the price, quality, and brand before installing it for your home.

The price of an average security package will fall around: $150 minimum. It is possible that prices will tend to be high or low depending on the quantity and type of equipment you want to install. If you want to refer, leave a comment at the end of the article!

3. The equipment important in the guard tour system

In a house, there will be many areas, many hidden corners that may be thanks to that position, the bad guys can have too much murky water to fish. We need to prevent them by using security devices in the most proactive and flexible way. For families who need strict security control, a powerful Guard tour patrol system is important.

3.1 Using the camera is an indispensable device in the guard tour system

If you want to see everything when you are not at home, then a security camera is a great choice for you. The camera via Wi-Fi connection makes it easy to see all that's going on through your phone, or tablet. You can set the time to turn the sensor on and off at certain times of the day.

The camera can detect movement between people and objects. In addition, when motion is detected, the camera will immediately send a notification to the phone. With night vision and real-time automatic video storage.

3.2 Is electronic face verification necessary in the guard tour system?

Guard tour patrol system helps you to open / close the door with the application from your mobile phone. You can control the history of who has entered the house, you are notified when someone closes or opens the door.

Guard tour system with facial recognition, with fingerprint unlocking method, ensures a security level of up to 99.99%. When someone tries to break the lock, the door lock will immediately sound the alarm, causing the bad guys to panic and panic.

Are electronic door locks necessary in a Guard tour patrol system?

3.3 Anti-theft alarm

Just hearing the name makes us think this is a super essential anti-theft kit for our home. Because usually in the alarm sets, there will be almost a full range of sensors and devices used to detect bad guys breaking in and report to the homeowner.

The Guard tour patrol system will recognize the movement of the bad guy breaking in, then send a message to the owner. Upon receiving the notice, the homeowner immediately called the nearest security to handle it. Together with the Speaker, the siren will sound to scare the thief and give up his bad intentions.

4. Does the guard tour system save electricity?

Does the guard tour system save electricity?

Equipment such as security cameras, electronic door locks, anti-theft alarms, etc., are set up by the owner on a working schedule according to each specific task. Security context scenarios are linked together in a rhythmic and logical way.

This helps optimize energy consumption and reduce monthly electricity costs for your family. Either way, the Guard tour patrol system should still be activated 24/7 to keep your family safe. These devices also do not consume too much electrical energy, so feel free to use them.

5. The level of security brought by the guard tour system

When you install the Guard tour patrol system together with a security team near your home, the safety level is up to 90%. Because nothing is absolute, just can increase your security to help you feel more secure. Anyway, the world will always have uninvited guests who come full of their selfishness.

Therefore, please install the highest guard tour system in your home. How do I feel safe when I lie down to rest? How can I no longer worry if my family is safe?

place a few extra sensors around your home

Since motion sensors have a limited range, anywhere between 15 and 24 meters wide — you'll need to place a few extra sensors around your home, especially in areas where people tend to frequent traffic, such as hallways, stairs, living rooms, and bedrooms.

Since a motion sensor may have a harder time detecting someone walking straight towards it, it's better to place the device along a hallway where thieves will be walking parallel to it.

Conclusion Guard tour patrol system

Through this article, we have a better understanding of Smart Home Guard tour patrol system. Hope you can capture useful information to choose for yourself a smart device to protect home security.

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