How guard tour patrol system in USA increase your company's security?

How guard tour patrol system in USA increase your company’s security?

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Guard tour patrol system in USA patrols by watchmen can contribute to increasing security in your company.  This is the most suitable tool to ensure that the patrol will be properly carried out is the patrol baton.

guard tour patrol system in USA

Those who live in large cities have already realized that security is guaranteed with a set of actions. Moreover, this involves the installation of security equipment, such as:

  • Turnstiles
  • electric fences
  • CCTV, among others

The human factor is essential and the carrying out of patrols by watchmen it is the ideal complement for your safety, your assets, customers and employees.

Why do you need guard tour patrol system in USA?

But it is not enough for you to hire a lookout or a surveillance company establishes routes and assumes that they will follow, you must ensure that the routes carries out.  Hence, guard tour patrol system in USA can help control compliance with these routes. Similarly, it is possible through the use of the patrol and a patrol control system.

Let's learn a little more about this solution:

What is a patrol baton for a lookout or a patrol control system?

The patrol baton replaces the old watch; the watch common to record the rounds mechanically, while the round baton is a computerized data collector that collects information from the rounds carried out by watchmen and allows processing the information in a system of patrol control. Moreover, it generates reports of the patrols performed.

This patrol control solution includes three components, a patrol baton, ibuttons and patrol control system:

The patrol baton is a data collector that reads the ibutton number, recording the date and time of this reading in its memory;

The patrol control system allows configuring the guards' data, the locations and times of the patrols and collects information from the patrol baton. Similarly, it generates reports of the times of the patrols carried out.


How to use the guard tour patrol system in USA for lookout?


  1. First, install the i-buttons or buttons in the places where the watchman must pass during the round;
  2. Install the tour control system on your computer;
  3. Configure the data of the guards, locations and times for carrying out patrols in the control system;
  4. The guard must pass through each point, at the defined time, reading the i-button with the patrol stick;

Afterwards, the administrator or supervisor collects the guard tour patrol system in USA. Similarly, he checks in the reports issued whether the patrols were carried out as determined.

Simple and easy to operate, the system guarantees that the place will monitor by the guard, guaranteeing the security that your company needs.

Where we can use guard tour patrol system in USA?

The patrol control system is widely common by surveillance companies providing patrol services and by any company, condominium or even residence that has guards carrying out patrols in its facilities, but it can still be common in any other type of application that requires control of a route to be followed, such as :

  • technical maintenance routes
  • vendor routes
  • Furthermore, public transport routes.

One of the surest solutions to protect a home, office or enterprise is to install guard tour patrol system in USA. In apartments, a system that protects against unauthorized entry is most often common. And in private houses it is most reliable to establish monitoring of entrances / exits, entrances to the building, security of the perimeter and premises from the inside.

Security and protection systems: main types 

Currently, there is a rich abundance of mechanisms that can provide peaceful sleep and rest for the owners of private houses, apartments and other premises:

  1. SOTS - security and alarm system. After penetration, an alarm sensor is triggered, the corresponding signal is sent to the security service console. The presented system is suitable for installation in apartments, offices and multi-storey buildings.
  2. ACS is an access control and management system. Designed to control locking elements, access control of inputs / outputs.
  3. SOVN - security video surveillance system, carried out using cameras.
  4. SITU - a system of engineering and technical fortification.

Security and alarm system 

Guard tour patrol system in USA makes it possible to monitor the condition and safety of a residential building, office space, warehouse around the clock. Today, two types of SOTS security systems are widely common in Ukraine:

  1. Passive - provides for a light or sound alarm signal in the protected area, while the alarm signal is not sent to the security console.
  2. Active - uses special sensors and an alarm button. After their activation, the signal goes to the control panel and the security panel, the security service immediately goes to the facility to clarify all the circumstances. In addition, the system is suitable for banking institutions and shops.

Access control and management system

Access control systems are common to protect premises from illegal entry by third parties and to identify those who have the right to access. The standard system of the presented type consists of a controller, a reader, an identifier and an actuator.

An electronic key, an access card can be common as an identifier, and the latest models provide for the analysis of a fingerprint or retina. Buying a guard tour patrol system in USA of a suitable type is not particularly difficult at present.

Guard tour patrol system in USA

guard tour patrol system in USA 2022

Today, security systems in Kiev are especially popular, involving surveillance using video cameras. High-precision equipment allows not only visual inspection of the territory or a specific object, but also recording the results. Currently, there are three popular types of surveillance using digital or analog cameras:

  • homemade;
  • street;
  • Similarly, hidden.

In addition, cameras are easy to mount indoors or on the facade of a street building.

Reliable components for the security system

When choosing a security system, it is important to understand why it installs. At the planning stage, you should consider the areas of vulnerability to unauthorized entry.

Then it will become clear what elements of the security system need and where they need to be mounted. Therefore, that is, it is worthwhile to designate the entire layout of sensors and other devices in advance.

Varieties of sensors for the security system

Thanks to the sensors, the safety of the room ensure. Some device models are incompatible with each other, while others, on the contrary, are universal. Moreover, the following types of sensors distinguish by the type of connection:

Wired: connected to the control panel, armed with a signal cable;

Wireless devices:- communicate with the control panel. The advantage is the ability to install in hard-to-reach places. Furthermore, the devices power by batteries. One battery lasts for six months or a year of operation.

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