Guard Tour Patrol System Antique: Pros & Cons for Beginners

Guard Tour Patrol System Antique: Pros & Cons for Beginners

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Guard Tour Patrol System Antique
Significance of guard tour patrol system antique

With the characteristics of guard tour patrol system antique managers always have a headache from planning, assigning patrol schedules to monitoring employees working at targets? A lot of work items, cumbersome management processes take time but do not bring high efficiency.

Monitoring security patrols by mobile phone will make management easier. Security guards complete their jobs better, and managers have more time to focus on their work. If you think your business needs to improve its patrolling process.

6 advantages of guard tour patrol system antique

Top 6 benefits of guard tour patrol system antique elaborate ahead.

1-Easily set up patrol schedule, guard patrol route

Scheduling is the first step in assigning work; managers must ensure the scientific correctness in assigning patrol schedules to security guards, avoiding the case of overlapping schedules, close schedules and overlapping shifts.

However, with the manual method that businesses are maintaining, the patrol scheduling takes up most of the time. When the division is not clear, the manager does not have an overview to cover the entire work.

2- Patrol monitoring in system

Guard tour patrol system antique by mobile phone Smart Guard is designed with patrol scheduling and patrol routing features for employees. On an easy-to-use interface, managers can easily enter a list of employees who need to be patrolled by date, time, and shift in the most scientific way.

It is without fear of overlapping schedules or missing protection goals. At the same time, based on this patrol schedule, the manager will have a basis to monitor the quality of the patrol and plan for the next months.

3. Monitor all patrol activities via Guard tour patrol system

Guard tour patrol antique by mobile phone, managers do not need to wait for the compilation of paper reports. Instead, check and monitor all operating status of security guards during operation. All information about time, location, number of turns, number of patrol points of the security guard will be automatically updated.

It is done by the system and sent to the manager. This is also one of the strong points of patrol by mobile phone, without having to be present; managers can still control all activities of all employees both on Web and Mobile applications.

4. Control the situation of positions of guards anytime

There will be no more shortage of troops at each target. This in guard tour patrol system antique is based on the data information; managers will adjust the number of guards at key points. At the same time, control the status of entering and leaving the target, employees leaving late..

5-Management issues in business; guard tour patrol system antique

Managing issues that arise at the target real-time is desired by many businesses. This is one of the most important stages but very few managers understand. By guard tour patrol system antique, managers can immediately receive information, report problems arising at the target from the security team.

Know the status handle problems as well as take timely preventive measures before incidents occur. Thus, with patrol system, managers always feel secure, all information about problems that arise are notified to the phone continuously even though they are not present at the target, but they can still give support instructions.

 6-Get instant alerts when guards skip turns, patrol points

Fraudulent work hours, guard tour patrol system antique points are a common situation that occurs in many businesses. Although there have been many preventive measures, this problem has not handle promptly and thoroughly.

Smart Guard mobile patrol monitoring eliminates this problem altogether. Any acts of dropping patrol points, leaving the target, not following the correct process will be directly notified to the Manager's Mobile. Although not directly present at the target, in the office or in the process of work, the manager still has an overview.

Significance of guard tour patrol system

Modern, accurate reporting is one of the advantages of guard tour patrol system antique. Managers will not have to aggregate data from many different sources such as Sky, Gmail, Zalo ... but automatically store and output patrol data weekly by month.

Guard Tour Patrol System Antique 2021

All manual operations, aggregating documents and data will minimiz, providing an effective scientific working method for businesses. At the same time, the accounting and administrative department saves time making payroll for employees, ensuring the reliability. And accuracy of monthly attendance data of the security guard.

How bossiness with active security teamwork?

Businesses with active security teams mainly depend on the initiative of employees or inspection teams. But whether the really complies with the set schedule, the inspection team operates with accurate transparency in the monitoring process. Guard tour patrol system makes things easier.

The traditional security patrol solutions only stop at the tools to support the guard to record patrol information, not well support the Management in patrol monitoring. Specifically, with traditional chip-punch patrol solutions, when looking up information, managers must manually dump data. This takes time to collect reports, making the information out of time real.

List of 3 main steps for online security patrol machine usage


With a compact, hand-held design, the features are shown right on the body, so protection from young to middle-aged people can be easily common. How to use the online security patrol machine with a security guard in simple steps is explained below.

1: Firstly, when it's time to patrol, the device will give a warning signal to the security guard

 2: Secondly, guard scans the identification card that declares the person on patrol

3: Above all, conduct guard  patrol system antique according to established schedule

Security concerns of guard tour patrol system antique

Security uses the scanner to scan the patrol chip already set up at the points. The device will save the patrol point, the time of the employee on duty, through 3G. The manager will immediately capture the data information. And the manager will know whether the security guard is on duty or not. Are there any missing points?

Process of patrolling; guard tour patrol system antique

In case, in the process of patrolling, there are problems or protection problems. We will use the online patrol machine to tick the buttons on the Problem Wallet. The problems are easy to record by the device or transmitted to the manager. In case of emergency, the security guard uses guard tour patrol system antique.

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